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looking for potential cover artist


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I may be writing a book

and i may be printing said book! super excited, but totally a work in progress and not confirmed. It's not an official book, it's just something I would make and maybe eventually start selling myself. 


But I was searching to see if anyone would be interested in making cover art for it!

Of course I would credit you in one of the first pages with you prferred name/social links.



THIS IS THE CHARACTER YOURE DRAWING : https://toyhou.se/2368044.rana/gallery


-I love art styles, but I'm trying to stay away from anime-ish styles but still am open to look!

it would be awesome for a comic style, or a mock comic book cover but down for anything!!
-Since it would be printed, your canvas size has to be at least 1000x1000+ so it wont come out bad quality but we can talk dimensions more when i choose ya

-I'm looking for someone who would also be willing to draw a bit of background, and must be fine with drawing some reptiles/amphibians, mainly lizards and frogs



I may also be looking for some random doodles for some pages in the books of other characters, so if you'd be fine with that too pls post below!

-these would probably have to be in black and white, or sketches!




huge WIP on my part too but thought I'd gather ideas as I look into publishing! :D I will be very picky. It's nothing against your art! Just have a plan!

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