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Desktop wallpaper Christmas present


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hi! i'm looking for someone to possibly do a desktop wallpaper for my partners Christmas present. We both have been wanting to become streamers with our gaming and it gave me this great idea. details will be bullet listed below so a wall of text isn't having to be read.

-max price range : $80 ( i know it is a bit on the cheaper side but if an artist is more than willing to possibly do a payment plan i'd be open to paying more but due to bills and such i have to be a bit on the cheaper side)
-charecters:  2 my oc and my partners 
-theme : super nerdy she loves pokemon, star wars, harry potter and  doctor who! it doesn't have to be super detailed though
-deadline if someone is found: not a huge rush just hoping at least before christmas eve
-wips: wips being sent would be amazing 
-side notes:  thank you to anyone who does consider offering their artistic skill  it means a whole lot

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@ Amy  hi bb tysm for offering unforuntley the conversions from usd to Pounds makes it over my budget ;-;  btw your newest art pieces have been top tier :fingerguns:

@ Ceci  hi! your chibi arts is so cute i'll be shooting a dm within the next couple of days with some questions 

thank you both very much for commenting and showing interest :blove:

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