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0VNI's Premade Shop!


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ftu | leaves divider Hello and welcome to 0VNI's  Premade Shop!ftu | leaves divider 2


f2u pixel plants divider !



Here you will find all my premades & upcoming premades as a wips if you want to preclaim.

If you are interested on one of them please let me know by replying to the one you wish or just telling the title.



I can do color changes just if the drawing it's not animated yet, re-color them it's kinda difficult to me when they're already animated.

 i'm gonna be posting them without animation, the animation will cost just a little more (just if i see that it's difficult) 

but have in mind that i cannot change colors after the animation is done.


Free - Full Moon Avatar


Do not take a heavy reference of my art,

do not trace/copy/repost without permission.


I'm not taking real currency atm since my card it's being occupied.

I'll just take comms when my card is available for me.


You must add me first, just to make sure that the

person you're paying it's the correct.


I always start working when the payment arrives.

Only imvu credits.

No refunds.


If you want me to change colors, or animate the premade that

you're paying for, please be patient with me, i'm kinda slow

but i always try to make it faster as i could.


◉ When a premade dissappears from here, it's because it has

been claimed by someone.


Egg Available premades Egg



Mwa!!     &     A Dark Moon




Mwa!!: 35k


Sizes: 160 x 220


A Dark Moon: 55k


Sizes: 1307 x 2000 & 160 x 220




Sweepy     &     Blieh~



Sweepy: 45k


Sizes:  160 x 220


Blieh~: 40k

(+10k if you want animations)


Sizes: 160 x 220





Little Friend!     &     Licks~



Little Friend!: 65k


Sizes:  160 x 220


Licks~: 65k


Sizes: 160 x 220




If you have any doubt please ask, i'm always open to solve them!

Thank you!







Color changes: (just when the drawing it’s not animated yet)

Animations: (just when the drawing it’s not animated yet)

Imvu name: (so i can add you)



Edited by 0VNI
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  • 1 month later...
On 1/2/2023 at 10:12 PM, aquori said:

Title: Ink Master

Name: aiure

Text (two separate versions as well) aiure, Ash 

Color changes: N/A

Animations: N/A

Imvu name: (so i can add you) aiure

Hello! Ink Master has been taken before, i didn't had the chance to enter and reply, i apologize for any inconvenience!

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On 11/29/2022 at 12:29 PM, Jocelyn said:


Title: Pinky!! 35k

Name: Pinky!!

Text: two separate versions please! nyo & jocelyn

Color changes: none

Animations: none

Imvu name: nyo

Hello! Pinky!! has been taken before, i didn't had the chance to enter and reply, i apologize for any inconvenience!

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On 12/2/2022 at 7:56 PM, Ivy said:


Title: Blieh

Name: Ivy

Text: Ivy

Color changes: -

Animations: blinking, hands move up and down a bit, and bouncing boobies if possible owo

Imvu name: Ivy

Hello! i didn't had the chance to enter and reply, i apologize for any inconvenience!


Are you still interested on that piece?

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10 hours ago, Skiips said:



Title: licks

Name: Han

Text: Skiips

Color changes: N/A

Animations: As is

Imvu name: Skiips



Hello! Friend request has been sent, please send the credits to receive the piece :]

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