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Draw these beans maybe~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ [PAYPAL]


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Hello! I'd love some art of my OC's since I haven't gotten any lately.

I can only offer PAYPAL at this time as I no longer use IMVU. Thank you for understanding. 。◕‿◕。

I'm seeking DP couples art and full couples art, but feel free to post whatever you'd like!

I'm not too picky about art styles so feel free to post your art and prices in the request shop!



♡ Text: honeytwigged


♡ Budget$100+


♡ Couple(s):

Daiki + Rosaleen  |   Melanie + Marsh

Jimin + Ritsuka


♡ Pose + expression ideas:

click here ♡


♡ Art styles/themes I like:

I would like to see mostly anime style, but willing to look at any style!

As for themes, I'm not incredibly picky. I love the whole lovey-dovey stuff. 


Please don't start art until I've said I want something from you!

This way we avoid any complications later on. 


I look forward to working with you soon!



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Omg I love Daiki and Rosaleen. :aww:
I believe I've done some work for you!!  MY style has changed a bit since then, here are some examples!
(I haven't gotten any couples as of late)





Base: $20.00
Additional character: $10.00

Blushing: $1.00
Blinking/winking: $2.00
Moving particles: $3.00
Bouncing arms: $3.00
Expression change: $4.00

I do have examples of animations if you're interested in seeing them!!


Here is a current WIP





Edited by Owoce
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 hi! I have open commissions  <3 I really love all your  characters :klove:

any of the styles i can crop to dp at no extra cost and If you ask me to draw the three couples, I can give you a small discount depending on the style. :klovee:


I have Chibis headshot couple at 30 usd





  Chibis halfbody couple at 50 usd






Chibi fullbody couple at 60 usd






or anime halfbody couple at 80 usd (100 usd if it's fullbody couple, I don't have many fullbody examples :keyes: )






Here I leave my custom shop in case you want to see more examples / prices.




Feel free to ask me whatever you want <3 <3 :klove:


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Hi!… I’d love to try! 




*Prices:**    - Payment is to be made before starting


▸ A portrait (neck up) is $50USD

▸ Bust (Chest up) is $60USD 

▸ Waist Up is $70USD

▸ Hips up is $90USD

▸ Extras: (plushies, props, etc: are $3 per)

▸ Couples are 2x the base price. 

 ▸ Complex backgrounds are +$20USD ( I don't like painting complex backgrounds, hints the large price)

▸Animals +$10USD








Edited by Despair
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cutie beans! I don't  if its me or the links for all the o.c are broken

commission info and other prices https://dollfiel.carrd.co/#commission

unfortunately i do not have any recent anime styles for example but heres are some oldies (although my coloring and drawing have improved since then)Click here for insta

I can sketch something in anime style if you want too see my actual drawing before decided if you want me to try. (since is an sketch it wont take that long)


Bust:: $50 Single character
waist up $80 single character
Full body+bg$200 single character
anime style
$40 bust or chibis. s.c
$60 waist up. s.c
$100+ full body ,bg. s.c


Some old couples examples of semirealism
OC creation


from real life reference



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1 hour ago, Succubean said:

@ Amy I absolutely need a bust of Melanie and Marsh from you ;A;; ♥


@ Despair I'd love to get a bust from you of a single character, please! If I need to provide you with an unwatermarked reference, I can do so in pm!


@ Hashii_08  OMG I love your style!! I'd love a piece from you c:

Of course! Just PM which character you’d like me to proceed on. :) 

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I'm offering a couple waist up for 90€ or fullbody for 120€ in this artstyle with free simple/plain background.








-or these bust up for 100€, waist up for 140€ or fullbody for 200€ with free simple/plain background.








For more samples, feel free to check my carrd out: LINK

or my custom shop here: LINK


Have a good day!


Edited by iKAN
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9 hours ago, Succubean said:

@ Amy I absolutely need a bust of Melanie and Marsh from you ;A;; ♥


@ Despair I'd love to get a bust from you of a single character, please! If I need to provide you with an unwatermarked reference, I can do so in pm!


@ Hashii_08  OMG I love your style!! I'd love a piece from you c:

Thank you sm! What would you like?

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Here are my my prices and samples, and you can find more artworks on here: (@kopy_arts)


Bust Up / 40usd (single) / 75usd (couple)

Waist Up / 60usd (single) / 115usd (couple)

Full body / 90usd (single) / 175usd (couple)


For extra stuff (such as props, pets, and complex backgrounds) the final price can be discussed.




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