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$5 ∂ρ є∂ιтѕ ♡ open


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A $5 dp edit shop by me.

Simple dp edits/repaints for you.




For Hiroki by Yakuzoba

Saga DP by Yakuzoba

KirsChie DP by Yakuzoba


  1. AH's rules apply. No tracing, copying, ect.

  2. *hiresnobg preferred, if possible. Makes for better quality.

  3. Send payments as USD.

  4. Only send payment after you've seen the watermarked ver. After payment is received, I'll DM you the final ver. unwatermarked.

  5. You can order again.

  6. You can make your own forms, pretty simple; leave a 'text' you want on it and the 'link/url' to your screens, plus any refs.

  7. Paypal and Cashapp accepted as payment methods. You can DM me your info and we'll handle all the payment chatter over DMs.

  8. Only screens not acceptable are fursonas. Keep accessories to a minimum if possible, I'd rather add them myself if needed. Not doing any couples for this.


Paypal & Cashapp









Credit AngelicHellraiser & Hearty-Chann @ deviantart for pixel art




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