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(Temp) Practice semi-realism


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- If I decide to draw you, I’ll just tag/quote you with the finished art piece

- I will randomly close this thread if I feel like I’ve draw enough

- Galleries are very welcome

- I may draw more than one of your characters if I really like them


I like..

- Pastel characters. Especially pink!

- OC’s with already drawn references 


I will not DP crop because these are not DPS





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RULES:Dont Steal My Ocs&Refs...You Can Use As Example In Your Shop

Do Tag Me If The Art Is Finish






Refs/Ocs/Screenies/FanArt(Non-OC): Me In Real  Ayasaki  Galaxia  Cheska  Crisann  My TekTeks 

My Genshin Impact Inspire Characters:Hikari Satou(Inazuma)Yasmien Kushira(Sumeru)

All of My Screenies: Screenies 

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