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Pixel Workshop // Icons & Badges (Open!)


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Welcome to the workshop!



cortney-pending.gif.688fa72fb1f746d4bc344ac6e1cba22a.gif.c613d9579773a63bcfdc1ed634829434.gif.d0566633f60cb57a82ecb6838e609027.gif babyface_window_icon_pending.gif.23b061fb4ebad8cbebcd3d439b453e20.gif.1a46a813129974c0bb071e448c1c9d8d.gif Icon_1_pink_pending.gif.016b2f5c72fc9d82b3eeed99e596214e.gif.717e065a3b5096fb4fe7d404a92d64e6.gif.d1b4beb16d7448020f4e997a1f7f6b1e.gif

Bambi.gif.826b87184925ab6f7951bfb15d0905ef.gif Vanatei_4.png.9095700fe2465880f5f83ce3e39a9b43.png.c912560473dd88dde638bf8f41cfcd54.png.9079d3f80cb3d6fb2781a05d0e435889.png xmas.gif.abe957b1ff55ab8f9fb5a004a9e78da0.gif.18c6d7caf7ab3b99c918fe740a10b9a6.gif

More examples on my [ DeviantArt ] or view my [ Files ]




Shop Rules

1. Currently PayPal only, pyp

2. You may resell but please credit me

3. You may ask for changes or edit however you like


[ Click here to go to PayPal ]







my melody







price: $6

price: $6 price: $6


[ *More icons available here!* ]






Icon Order Form

Username on icon:




Price: $5


Badge Order Form





Price: $4 per tile


Edited by Babyface
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  • Babyface changed the title to Pixel Workshop // Icons & Badges (Open!)

Badge Order Form

Size: 20x20

Description/Reference: Punchy from Animal Crossing

just his head

Animation? Yes, blinking


Price: $5


Could I also get a matching little pixel doll of him? I saw your Rosie on deviantart and am in love.

I'll pay extra.

Edited by QOTDS
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