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Can I draw your OC? 👉👈


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i wanted to practice drawing characters!

i'm drawing in a pixel art style :)



pixel portraits (160x220)

farmer portrait


pixel dolls (100x150)



please choose between a portrait or a pixel doll, provide references,

and let me know if you'd like animation or not!


*critiques welcome*

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On 12/27/2022 at 11:05 AM, Woofs said:

hi hon! 
pixel doll please if able if too hard because of her details feel free to do a portrait ^-^
refs: xx 
animations is up to you feel free to do any if you want to experiment
tysm for considering


i think this came out really cute! happy new year!


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Woofs shared your pixel and is just too cute!♥:blove:

Posting in case you interested + Ty for the consideration♥
I would like: a Pixel dolls
OCs(Feel Free to choose): KarameloLuka
IF you do text (only if): Ephemera
Complete Artistic Freedom, Animations up to you♥

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Not sure if you're still looking for inspiration or not but I'll leave this here just incase~


Refs: Oc

Type: pixel doll if possible or a portrait


Thank you for consiring me, your art is honestly really really good!! If you do mine feel free to have fun with her and use your artistic freedom as much as you'd like :klove:

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