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\\!!Much WOW Anime Shop!!// BIG ART+DP [SLOTS 0/4]

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Hello guys! My name is Kopy. Welcome to my shop!

Hopefully you will find what you are looking for here :lazesxy:

I do anime style that ranges from cute to shonen and serious.

P.S: I speak French and English, so bear with me if I make some mistakes in this post :lazeshyplz:



-ArtHaven rules apply.

-Custom shop rules apply.

-PERSONAL use only.



!You will be provided by the big art and a DP resize of it!





-After being approved, I'll update you with a rough sketch and send an invoice.

-After payment, I'll keep you updated through WIPs as follows:

Flat colors > Shaded > Final result

-Most of the changes are done in the sketching phase

(Colors can be modified in the Flats phase)



Size: (Bust/Half/Full)

Text & watermark:


Extras: (Your thoughts, OC's backstory and personality)
PayPal Email:







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  • Kopyarts changed the title to \\!!Much WOW Anime Shop!!// BIG ART+DP [SLOTS 0/4]
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  • Kopyarts changed the title to \\!!Much WOW Anime Shop!!// BIG ART+DP [SLOTS 0/4]
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