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OP [0/3] AI SoKET ♥

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Flower.gif.9ab5f85d2c4d78c8552adc52bc72f9d0.gif A I • S O K E T Flower.gif.9ab5f85d2c4d78c8552adc52bc72f9d0.gif

Goal is to work on my speed, and earn some extra income for bills and my dog's essentials.♥


PRICING: $23 Singles , $43 couple

$1 per animation, $2 per plushie/prop , $3 detailed bg

Chest crop is the only one available for this shop 



Tribal2S.gif.e1b4920f1d3b401932db68226d131a6a.gif SkullVashbo2.gif.1bc940a8115929942f30dce43d4125f0.gif Jinxie2.2.gif.6f177d30836795fab02af9efcabc3e7a.gif Ecchi-Sample-2.gif.aab36e0d5c03efb2037b6e080135c7d8.gif DR2.gif.3cfac29c2cc522bba49e5f9e25cce332.gif

More below spoiler


Hypercam2.gif.27e063c27aa7f883c75384870cd16ad1.gif MewMewS2.gif.4a74722b137db2680d9acd76293af211.gif MewMilky2s.gif.ddd2f99b37273539dcc116cf2ec9a902.gif Wubbsie2.gif.658e7250b84db166723940eeb7b332a7.gif

HBSour-Sample-2.gif.6107ad364a2e1d055591b0c911c2c142.gif MC-S2.gif.fb28783e1c9e779443c0a32be7556d6f.gif SC-sample-2.gif.7225cb39e0f5f599e4f62e11a0af652b.gif FalseAngelSample2.gif.8f6ad42b6f762c3cb28257abeacee62d.gif

Painted-Sample-2.gif.661946763711dc194d76970ca72e6702.gif KD-Sample-2.gif.a2172baac3d36aa24dc2b39f63bc341b.gif vashbo-2S.gif.42db7fdc99ad37c5630171cf1e8a5cc9.gif Wubbies-Sample2.gif.549f867de7922e667dc589f71eeff4da.gif





By ordering, You’re agreeing to:

  • Follow and respect Art Haven's rules.

  • Pay after a sketch is provided.

  • Accept that refunds and editing aren't allowed.

  • Accept that there will be no huge changes after wip.



  • Direct message when showing payment confirmation receipts.

  • Only order if you can go through with it.

  • I'm able to showcase these commissions in any social media I'd like (with credit.)

  • Please credit me as your dp artist if using on AH


Status Update :

  • Pending  [p]

  • Started [s]

  • Near Finish [nf]


Wait list: 





ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡‧₊˚ F O R M A T

Single or couple?















Specify if it's for imvu, if it is, you'll get a 160x220 crop and 440x330.

Extra Notes:


Let me know if you'd like to pay after the sketch (can be delivered the day format's submitted or the day after) 

or if you'd like to pay upfront. 




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  • Smile changed the title to OP [0/3] AI SoKET ♥

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