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✧⋅∘💜💠 𝓒uston 𝓥tuber 𝓜odels 💠💜∘⋅✧ 【1/2】

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𝓦 ᴇ ʟ ᴄ ᴏ ᴍ ᴇ 

Hello! In this shop I will offer 3D models used for Streaming and Vtubing



Payment must be made through paypal invoice AFTER the first WIP. Payment is allowed beforehand, although it would be more comfortable to do so after.
✦ Payment plans are allowed as long as it's made before the end of the month it was ordered in.
Please be as active as you can for WIPS & DMs so I can finish your order as fast as possible.
If I don't feel comfortable or inspired by your order I will decline.
No refunds (unless I offer myself).
Please fill out the form completely or it will not be accepted.
Basic toggle custom expressions with textures are included in the price (Blush, Cry, Angry)
I don't offer changes to the model after order has been received and completed at this moment.
Resells are allowed ONLY if you ask me beforehand. You may NOT sell it for a higher price then what it was sold for originally.
If you have a complex character $50-100 USD may be added to the price.
Other custom expressions or hairstyles are able to be discussed for a extra fee.
Models will be completed within the month unless stated otherwise
No rush orders.
NO NSFW/NUDE characters.


𝓔  X A M P L E S










⋆ Ready to use VRM Model
⋆ Commercial Use Included
⋆ Payment Plans Available

Base Model Price: $400USD
Complex Character Price add on: $50 - 100 USD
Extra Custom Expressions w/ texture: $20USD Each
Extra Hairstyles: $50 - 80USD Each
Custom Character Design: $70USD




References: (Links/images for hairstyles, outfits, accessories etc, Character reference sheets are appreciated)
Custom Character Design?: (If yes please add info to references)
Extra Expressions?: (Yes/No, If yes please include links/images)
Extra: (Anything else that isn't listed above that you would like me to know about the character)
Paypal Email: (for the invoice, you will need to send payment after the first WIP, please read payment plan info in the rules)


Slots: Hershyvt

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21 hours ago, TokioLotus said:

Do you offer repaints, clothing, or accessories of an existing vroid model?

 i could do yeh! if you can show me or dm me what the model currently looks like

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21 hours ago, TokioLotus said:

Ok thank you!

If it's cool I may gather some references and show you my current model for a quote. I don't have funds now but I've been researching artists to help me on my vroid.

I will get back to you soon!

for sure dm me whenever ^-^

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  • Pea changed the title to ✧⋅∘💜💠 𝓒uston 𝓥tuber 𝓜odels 💠💜∘⋅✧ 【1/2】

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