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Hi! i'm back again with a request. please be patient if you do reply, i am starting working full time again so i take a bit to reply. i'm  mostly looking to see what options are right now. 
i recently started streaming on twitch, it's mostly for fun  but i would love to try and make my about me section on twitch presentable without it being a wall of text. 
so all and all i guess i'm seeing who si out there to possibly design an about me twitch panel.  i don't really ahve a price range as long as it isn't too expensive, i do get paid bi weekly so if you do offer
please keep this in mind, i really hope to find someone that is willing to work with me, i as always will make sure i have the funds before accepting any artists. thank you in advance to anyone who is interested ^-^
more details below

Looking for: Twitch about me panel
price range: n/a as long as it isn't over 50 if so will possibly need a payment plan if allowed.
oc:  here (brown haired one)

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Hi! I'd like to try this I've made twitch panels, badges, screen and emotes here are some examples but I'd recommend to check my Instagram for more examples if you want https://www.instagram.com/dollfiel/
here is my info and prices https://dollfiel.carrd.co/#commission


Text only

This is a old chibi style. I've improved since, I made this 4 years I'll post a chibi emote  of my current style, you can check more examples on my instagram https://www.instagram.com/dollfiel/



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