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🌲ςαδεν'ς cozy cottage🌲 OPEN 1/5

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🪴 | Caden's Cottage | 🪴


Welcome to my shop 💐

My name is Caden and I'm new here.Hope we'll all get along!



Before proceeding to buy a product, please make sure to read the ToS!!





× The artist retains the rights to use any products for personal reasons. ×

× All fees must be paid upfront or in instalments. ×
(Partial payment is also avaliable, in which half of the fee upfront and half after the commission is received.)

× The range of time in which the piece will approximately be completed will ultimately be determined by the artist. ×
× The final price will be determined by the artist. ×

× Nothing shall be payed before the artist has requested payment. ×

× Additional fees will apply if change is requested on the final drawing. ×

× You may not claim the artwork as your own. ×

× You may not remove or obscure my signature from the artwork in any form. ×

× If by any reason I am unable to complete a commission, the customer will receive a full refund. × 

× You may not distribute, reproduce, or otherwise profit from the Commission. ×

× In case of any disbute, the final decision will be in the hands of the artist.×





For now I will only take 3 to 5 commissions. Once I'm done with commissions I will take a break and reopen after Valentine's day or earlier🍃






🌿-Traditional Commissions-🌿





|| Preview ||


|| Price ||

Single-price 8$




🌿-Digital Commissions-🌿

----- × [Bust] × -----

Untitled41.thumb.png.1c01d6e79883f6ac493953778f73a67d.png Untitled6_20200229234521.thumb.png.6af4106b4de17428d0d0399a8b77b93a.png PicsArt_06-04-03_28_53.thumb.png.cbdf03e3cadbd7f4ae073cc25ee4b54a.png    Untitled108_20220508173443.thumb.png.33e9026110565ec2e9a072dc4b20ee31.png

  || Preview ||


|| Price ||

Lineart $10

Base color $15

Full $30




----- × [Half-Body] × -----

Untitled177_20220907122655.thumb.png.aa41bf8d74adbc97f8af6df6c8baf5b0.png Untitled177_20220907153330.thumb.png.97f670438c2cc99fe7693a53dccb3ec8.pngUntitled73_20220112004952.thumb.png.7d6b3e8e4674df714e42c052da48acbe.png 20210131_222623.thumb.png.65a5eb151585af0aebaca6d63e518444.png


|| Preview ||


|| Price ||

Lineart $15

Base color $25

Full $40




1.Ally [✔]

2.Kia []


General Rules

🌻|| First come, first served.

🌻|| Be patient and understanding.

🌻|| Please be clear about the order!!

🌻|| If payment doesn't arrive within 48h the slot will be cancelled.

🌻|| All orders, including the digital ones won't be shipped.


- Humanoid - 

- sfw -

- mid_gore -

- 2 chars in 1 piece or more -


- nsfw -
- furry/anthro -
- mecha -
- political -

- background -



🍂 - Payment will be via Paypal-only


1. Provide a reference sheet of the character/ Describe the main characteristics 

2. Write what kind of order you want to place.

3. Please DM me, for further info.



Discord: hah#1552/xSmxz#9042
Email: [email protected],com
(alt): [email protected]



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