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Oc couple art


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I am looking for an artist familiar with Despair's work to get 2 sketches painted. I'm not looking to pay more then $200 for the pieces together.

My ocs:  My ocs in the pieces take on the "submissive" role. She's mid 20's with neon green hair with black streaks in it. Her eyes are a pale blue almost blind like. Think of Hinata from naruto. Her pale ghostly skin is covered in freckles. While her clothes are black and leather, her piercings black.

Theo's Oc Their Ocs are beautifully monotone. One is a male Oc and the other female. Both light grey skin with black lips. The female would have dark makeup as well. Their eyes a beautiful hazel, almost a deep emerald laced with gold. The hair, long and black with streaks of white racing through the long tendrils. The clothing as monotone as they are, full of silver chains. Leather and and black clothes. The piercings are bright silver and pop against their skin. 

The background is up to the artist and we can discuss where the name placements may go.

I would like Animations if possible like blinking/smiling of the characters and blushing of mine. 

Oc pictures and the sketches can be shown and sent upon discussion. 

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