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Male/Couples Practice


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Hello, I really want to get some male practice in!

I can try out some couples as well.


I will most likely just do sketches / unfinished pieces because I am very busy 🖤

Please feel free to tell me something about your OC (this really helps me with the overall mood of the artwork)


🖤 Form🖤

🖤 Name - 

🖤 References - 

🖤 About your OC -



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🖤 Form🖤

🖤 Name -  Stevie

🖤 References - Link

🖤 About your OC - I’m really bad with sticking to one story for my OCs that I end up switching their stories multiple times ;; Kian is a father (adoptive) of two sons and has a passion for culinary arts but also enjoys throwing parties with his sons and being a silly dad.


Thank you for considering <3

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🖤  Hello there!

🖤 Name - Tye

🖤 References - https://sta.sh/028zfms2gzu6

🖤 About your OC - I just recently received Makoto as a new OC! He is such a handsome boy. I think his eyes really bring together his whole look, along with his striking red hair and stylish outfit combinations. I have not had time to put together a lot of information or references for him yet, but it would be cool to see how you would decide to use your artistic freedom and draw him. If you have any more questions on Makoto, feel free to let me know!


Thanks for the consideration!

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Hi there! I would love to have a couple's piece made. Unfortunately, I do not have an OC but hopefully you're able to work with what I have here. You're welcomed to do anything you'd like with this, we just really love art.


🖤 Form🖤

🖤 Name - Niko (Male) Ellen (female)

🖤 References - References of us

🖤 About your OC - As I stated above, I don't have an OC. However, I can tell you a bit about us and maybe that will give a better idea as to what to draw. My name Is Ellen. I have very long teal hair and blue eye, pretty damn short and petite lol. My favorite colors to wear are black, white and gray. Goth/alt fashion is my favorite and I like to wear rings and bracelets. As for my personality I'm kinda shy and tend to mind my own business if that makes sense.


For Niko: He has brown, short but almost medium length hair and green eyes. He's very tall and skinny with some tattoos on his arms and chest (feel free to draw whatever for that). His favorite colors to wear are black, purple, white and pink, all together, separately, it doesn't matter. He likes to wear comfy clothes but also has an androgynous sense of style. He also likes to wear rings and bracelets; necklaces work too though. Niko's personality is very outgoing. He can pretty much make friends with anyone and he's not afraid to show off our relationship, he's quite affectionate and very protective of those he cares about.



So basically, what I'm saying is, you can use our avatar pictures OR draw us irl. It doesn't matter, I will love it either way! I don't have a very clear photo of us together in person for you to use otherwise I would have just provided that instead. Hopefully my descriptions are close enough to an OC


Thanks for your consideration! 🥰

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