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Biscuits and Tea Shop | Open!

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Biscuits and Tea Shop

Heya, welcome! I'm Biscuitea, formerly known as Clementea. In this shop, you're able to order custom art by me! :cutehehehaaas:


Commissions Status: Open (2 Available!)


Latest Update (3 January 2023)

My final exams are officially over, therefore I now have the freetime to draw again! Slots are available when I make an announcement about them (I’ll perhaps sell some premades as well!).



General Rules

  • Please be kind and respectful. Also, please don't rush me! Things in real life can keep me busy, especially since art isn't my top priority, so your patience is kindly appreciated!

  • I have the right to decline an order if I have difficulties doing it or it includes elements that I'm uncomfortable drawing (You can see the list below).

  • Please don't haggle the prices unless I offer a discount.

  • You’re free to crop or resize the artwork, add your own watermark without replacing mine, etc as long as you're not claiming to have made the artwork by yourself. When posting it somewhere, crediting me as the artist is appreciated!

  • You’re allowed to resell the artwork, but please don’t price it higher than the original price unless it's an OC with multiple art.

  • I’m sorry, but no refunds. All sales are final. Chargebacks are not allowed and will get you blacklisted.

    • However, you may cancel your order before payment is sent, so please let me know as soon as possible!


Commission Rules

  • I don’t accept other people's copyrighted work as references unless you own them. I also won’t imitate other art styles.

  • Keep in mind that you'll only receive digital files, meaning that the artwork itself won't be shipped to you as a physical item.

  • If you're planning to order for an event (Secret Santa, giveaways, raffles, etc.), please ask me first! This is to check if I'm able to do the order or not.

  • I do orders one by one based on the order they're received in so that I don't feel rushed. I might start with the next order, but that depends on the complexity and my mood.

  • If there is no response within one week before the order is finalized, your slot will be voided. Keep in mind that I'll move on to the next slot while waiting to save up time.

    • An order is finalized when I mention that I'll message you again when I'm ready to start with your order.

  • Payment must be sent within 48 hours after you've approved the rough sketch, otherwise the order will be cancelled and the piece will be sold as a premade with changes made beforehand. If something comes up, please don't hesitate to let me know!

  • I may display a watermarked version of the artwork publicly, but it can be kept private with an extra fee.

    • This rule doesn't apply if you want the artwork to be temporarily kept private, such as for Secret Santa, etc.



All prices are listed in United States Dollars (USD). I will message you my Paypal.me link for you to send payment.


Make sure to choose:

  • Payment type: For goods and services

  • Your shipping address: No address needed


NOTE: Please don't send any payment before I say so. However, you may send payment as soon after your order has been accepted if you prefer it that way, but keep in mind that you'll still have to wait until you're next in the list. If you'd like to send payment like that, please let me know first!


Work-in-Progresses (WIPs)

You will receive 2 WIPs; the rough sketch and lineart with base colours. I'll need your approval on both WIPs before I can continue. You’re free to state some changes, but they’re no longer accepted after the second WIP (lineart with base colours) has been approved. When asking for changes, please don't make me redo the entire piece!


Things I'm Uncomfortable Drawing

Please pay attention to this list when you're placing an order. If you're unsure about something, feel free to ask!

  • Male characters, monsters, and tattoos

    • I have trouble drawing them, sorry! For male characters, any character with a male-like appearance counts as well.

  • Cleavage and revealing clothing

    • If your character happens to have this element, I'll slightly modify the outfit to make it less revealing.

  • Fanart or licensed characters

    • This also applies despite them being represented as a small accessory, clothing decal, plushies, etc.

  • Anything that requires to be filtered as mature content

    • NSFW, etc. Blood or gore is fine, but please ask me first!

  • Furries with long muzzles and realistic animals

  • Sensitive topics






Regular Art

Base Price: $20

Canvas Size: 600 x 600 pixels




DP Art

Base Price: $15

Canvas Size: 320 x 440 pixels (160 x 220 version also included)


More examples can be found on my DeviantArt by clicking here.


Additional Charges

The base price above may increase due to these additional charges below.

  • Character from scratch (Without already-drawn art.): +$4

  • Private order (The artwork won’t be posted publicly.): +$3.50

  • Complex design (Characters with lots of accessories, complex hairstyle, etc.): +$3

  • Holding item or extra plushie: +$2

  • DP crop for IMVU (160x220 pixels): Free



To place your order, please fill in one of these forms below. Once filled, feel free to post your form here or PM it to me instead!


For Regular Art

‣ Order Privacy: (Public/Private + Extra Fee)
‣ Character References: (Can be a sta.sh or Toyhouse link, etc)
‣ Expression/Pose:
‣ Background: (Only simple backgrounds for now, such as solid colours, simple patterns, etc)
‣ Additional Charges: (Holding item or plushie, complex design, etc)


For DP Art

‣ Order Privacy: (Public/Private + Extra Fee)
‣ Name and Watermark: (Can be your social media username, character name, or just your name in general)

‣ Character References: (Can be a sta.sh or Toyhouse link, etc)
‣ Expression/Pose:
‣ Background: (Only simple backgrounds for now, such as solid colours, simple patterns, etc)
‣ Additional Charges: (Holding item or plushie, complex design, etc)



You'll appear in this list after your form has been accepted. This list will be updated from time to time.

  • Xylylene (Unpaid) - Milkshake/Boba Sip YCH: Not Started

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Added new example!
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  • Biscuitea changed the title to Biscuits and Tea Shop | Open! (0/2 Slots)
  • Biscuitea changed the title to Biscuits and Tea Shop | Open!

Heya, everyone! I just want to announce that my RedBubble shop is officially live! I'll be selling original designs, ranging from food, cute decorations, and many more! You can find one of the examples of my designs below. 💖




I currently have 5 designs and they're all sticker packs (excluding the pastel milkshake, which consists of a singular sticker and tote bag), but more designs with wider product types will be up in the future! 😊

You can visit my RedBubble shop here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/Biscuitea/shop

Thank you! 😄

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