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Master Cleaning & Restoring

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Master Cleaning & Restoring

If you want a topic locked, deleted, or restored from deletion, please fill out the form below.




Topic Link(s)

Action: Choose one: Lock / Delete / Restore / Clean


What Locking Does:
When we lock a topic, the topic remains accessible to the public, but no one is permitted to post any further.  You should ask for a topic to be locked if you plan to go on an extended hiatus or want to take a break from your shop without having it deleted.  


Note: Locking a topic is temporary.  Unclaimed topics locked for 6 months(180 days)+ will be deleted.

What Deleting Does:
When we delete a topic, it is moved to a global archive.  This is called 'soft deleting'.  It will no longer appear on the website, but it is still accessible by staff.  Topics are soft deleted after 1 month(30days)+ of inactivity.  Activity is based on the last time content was posted in the topic, not the last time the main post was updated.  To prevent your topic from being deleted, make sure to bump it by making a new post at least once a month, or by clicking the "Bump Topic" button.


The archive for soft deleted content is temporary.  All archived content, regardless of the reason it was archived, is automatically permanently deleted after 6 months(180 days) from the date it was soft deleted.  We cannot recover any content that is permanently deleted. 


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