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OuO Shop | Animated DPs/Big art | Open [4/5]


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Hello! OuO/ welcome to my shop ❤️

I do anime style drawings and animations~




To get started with an order send me any image references/information I should know about your

character along with any other specifics you'd like using the form at the bottom.
Once I confirm that it's something I'm able to draw you may send payment via this link

The time frame for commissions is 9 days after payment is made.

It's assumed you agree with my Terms of Service when commissioning me.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! either here in the shop, in a pm or on discord charliezouo#4086



Bust: $32

Half body: $46

Full body: $58



When ordering any option of Bust, half body or full body you can ask for a DP crop with text/watermark version of it at no extra cost.

When ordering DPs you get the standard 160x220 size and a big art version of it.



Blinking animation extra: + $3

Hair animation extra: + $5

Custom animation: if you have an idea for an animation

let me know, I'll price it according to complexity

Alternatively you can send me information/refs of your OC and I'll try to come up with an idea for the animation.




~Previous work~










$28 each





Do's & Don'ts

At the moment I mostly draw humans. I can add elf or cat ears, tail, horns (simple things) but anything beyond that I have very little practice with.

I don't do backgrounds currently, I usually add solid color shapes or a gradient in the back so as to not leave it empty (see examples).


Filling out the form

Type: the type of commission you want for example "animated bust" "full-body" "Chibi" etc.
References: refs of your character (images please), you can also specify the pose and expression if you want.

Text: any text or watermark you'd like me to add.
Other: any other indications you may want to give me.






Slots (4/5)


1 - Nour - animated couple piece - $81 (paid)

2 - Remba - animated couple piece - $80 (paid)

3 - CareTheWitch - animated bust - $40 (paid)

4 - Faytalfuture - animated bust - $38 (paid)

5 - 


Edited by CharlieZOuO
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~YCH Premade Shop~ :cutefingergun:


I do YCH (your character here) premades too! here's some before/after I've done over there.

Follow the link above to see more examples and find out more about the process :kcheeks:





Edited by CharlieZOuO
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Type: halfbody colored
Email: [email protected]
Other: it needs to be a square canvas, minimum 200 x 200 (can you do couples?) If you can't do them both then just Selena, with her ears and tail, please!

Edited by Ambiance
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10 hours ago, Ambiance said:

Type: halfbody colored
Email: [email protected]
Other: it needs to be a square canvas, minimum 200 x 200 (can you do couples?) If you can't do them both then just Selena, with her ears and tail, please!


Accepted! thank you for the order ^^ I sent you an invoice with 50% discount for $16
I still have to work out prices and examples for couples so for now I'm doing single character commissions only, it'll have to be just Selena this time. The stash link has reference for a couple's pose, did you have a pose/expression in mind for just Selena?

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2 hours ago, Esbee said:

Type: Fullbody Inked
Email: I'll pm it to you
References: my bby
Other: no bg! 
DP?: yes text nathan (watermark esbee) 



Hi! I can do the pose and outfit no problem but I'd need refs of your character, is it the one on your display picture? let me know, thanks 🙂


2 hours ago, Ambiance said:

I do, I'll send them! @CharlieZOuO

face and pose



Great! I'll get started and post a sketch in a couple of days :bgoodjob:

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4 minutes ago, Ambiance said:

I already sent the references in my stash on the original form. They have both Selena and Yani in them. @CharlieZOuO


Facial expression and pose:


Yes yes that first part of my post was meant for @Esbee , sorry for the confusion.

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5 hours ago, CharlieZOuO said:

@Esbee All done! here's the full size picture and dp crop full size and the 220x160 version. I hope you like it, let me know if you need anything else OuO/


ApIvTk9.png FU0uDuu.png rqE08YG.png 

 everything is great! OH i was wondering if you could do a resize fo the full body? i wanna use it as my part as my signature :bfblushhee:

Edited by Esbee
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@Esbee glad you liked it 😊 yeah here you go, hope the size is ok




@Ambiance Tagging you again maybe you didn't see my other post, could you please upload your pose and facial expression reference again? the link your posted Isn't working anymore, been wanting to work on your order for a while 🙂

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  • CharlieZOuO changed the title to OuO Shop | Animated DPs/Big art | Open [4/5]

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