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[2018] Ramadan Celebration

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oof, didnt make a creative bg but here are my pieces :ppopcorn:


I hide in the shadows,
To avoid stares and laughs
I cover myself in a cloth
That covers my factual self

I wanted to yell for help
I wanted to scream for help
But I placed a skin,
To fool those who may judge

I believed there was no turning back,
But there came a time
Where I saw the line,
That lied between reality and I

Beyond the line,
I saw people smiling and laughing
And I looked around to where I sat,
To only see myself

Those were the days, before today…
I got out of that shadow,
Got rid of the cloth,
And got rid of the skin,
That fooled me to believe,
I was alone



One step to the left

One step to the right

Maintain balance 

Two steps forward

Two steps back

Keep a smile

Jump once

Jump twice

Jump a final time and soar

Hello world, it is I


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updated the participants! 

These are all so nice you guys!!! :phearteyes:

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I'm tired of you

An all that you do

I thought I knew the devil before you came

Now its just fans that you reign

What happened to me and you?

All that we went through

I guess its time

I wish you were still mine

I see it in your eyes

Time just flies

I'll always love you; but for now i'm through



Heres mine


I hope they're okay






Pick em up

I've had enough


It's been a while

I'll help you

Its what I do

Helping you; helps me

Makes me feel free

So take my hand

We'll get him banned

I'm your friend

Till the end:cutethumbsup:



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i intend to cast away the feeling about my ex. i mean we're still friends, but i need to stop thinking about him as much. we had a good relationship, but it was just long distance. i need to stop dwelling on the past and hoping that we can still make things work. 

one positive thing that helped me get over him is focusing on myself more and mostly my art. i'm really happy with how much my art has mature and i don't think i could've done it without a little push.


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In the latest 2 month i experimented how difficult is trying to think positive when you find out that someone you love suffers from multiple sclerosis. All i can do is trying to support me in the same way he supported me in the latest 3 years. I'm surprised on how my two passions (drawing, planting and taking care of flowers),  my cat and my boyfriend are important to feel happy in spite of everything.


To express this, i choose to draw the wheelchair, which symbolize illness, far away from my head. All i have to do is taking care of the most important things in my life: love and beauty (not frivolous and superficial beauty but everything that makes me happy).



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I'm not much of a writer anymore, but here's my entry.

this year I tend to cast away my pain while celebrating a new sense of pride.

i tried my best, be gentle lol





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The smoke will suffocate me, you said 

The dark mist of taunting voices that tease my plight

"You can scream and shout but the pain will wear you out"

Over and over, the calls for help causing me to shout

It's a piece of me, something I can't escape 

They take hold in my lungs and squeeze me of life

After all, the mind is only capable of so much

Until I decide to live again 

And cast you out of my being 

You will be gone, and I will remain 

I will claw you out of me before I let you win






It's time for me to breathe again

To cast away all the pain

To free my body from the black smoke

A horrible tar that once choked me

Cast out the smoke and pour love, freedom, happiness into me

Take a deep breathe and just

Breathe again 

Without fear or poision

But with love and care

Not only for myself but for my life 

It's time to breathe easy again 



Boop. Two poems, one detailing how trapped I felt till I decided to rid myself of that torture, and the other how I eventually convinced myself to let go and allow happiness back into me. Which I'm personally proud of myself for doing, no matter how bad things get. Hopefully it counts for the first task! 





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Updated the participant list! Thanks for gracing us all your poetry, artwork and strength you guys. You're all so damn amazing. :psobbing:



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The first task is now complete guys! We're onto the second one. 

We'll still take your art/poems for the 1st event till 12pm today (GASR-time: GMT+1)! :pblushing:



The Second Task:


"A drawing/poem depicting a change in your life in order to fulfil a more positive lifestyle."


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Here's my second poem, I hope it's not too nsfw as it was a very hard time in my life so I hope this is okay.



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Task 2

8 months ago i found this cute kitten in my garden, i fell in love in the same moment i saw him. Unfortunately I heard something strange in how he breathed. The vet told me he would die in 20 days. I took care of him, i brought him all the medicines he needed. After 20 days i brought him to the vet, who said that one of his lungs was damaged because someone probably kicked him. I cried so much because he's so sweet and he deserves only cuddles and love, he didn't deserved to be kicked by an asshole (sorry guys i want to be positive but i think the only term i can use to describe someone who kicks puppies and animals in general is "asshole").


What does this experience means to me? My cat is a survivor, he is strong and the same i was and i am,  I never stopped hoping he could live. And now he's one year old and it seems to me that every day i spend with him is a present life gave me. In conclusion, it doesn't matter how bad a situation is, we only have to think positively and never give up!




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That was so sad to read wtf people who kick animals like that are assholes, you're absolutely right. :pangry:

But I'm so glad you took the lil fellow in and that he's still around and receiving all that love and care from you!  I hope he's feeling better with his lung and can breath okay. 



+ Updated the points!

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Task 2: 


Let it go and just breathe

The anger that resides will go

Make a change

Stand up

And take no more


With every breathe

With every word

Tell them that you forgive

Tell them that what they've done,

Will not shatter what you have built


So you tell them

With every breathe and every word

And you walk away with

the last word


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i drew a cup of milk tea/boba 'cause legit like every night my friends and i go out and drink boba.

basically i started surrounding myself with more positive people and doing things i love rather than focusing & worrying on dumb stuff.

i was in a really bad place where i was trying to change myself for someone, even though it was pointless. i think finding people who accept you for who you are is important.

i'm in a really good place rn with my life 

and i love boba too LOL 

tl;dr the change was having positive people around me


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Task 2



Fail n try again


Relate to my mistakes

Think about your fate

Damn I'm late

Nothings really at stake

I kinda want some steak

Never been to drakes

Be careful of those snakes

Life is just a earthquake

Learn from your mistakes.



"Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently." - Henry Ford



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