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[2018] LGBTQ+ Pride Event


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I'm still figuring myself out but I'll always be feelin' myself

I hope every single one of you guys know that you are loved 

and that you have a happy P R I D E month!


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I still had the overlay saved from last year LMAO BUT HAPPY PRIDE MONTH EVERYONE!


This is easily one of my favorite events that we have on here and I want to thank everyone who helped put this event together


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i just smiled so much when i saw this new theme for the forum c8 these events are so lovely;;

happy pride month!! and stay safe please

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oKAY. I really don't participate much because I'm a shy pansexual pumpkin but this is important to me and I was so inspired by   @James and @Cymette words which were absolutely beautiful and brave. So here's my own story. I'm really enjoying reading everyone's posts from and I hope you all can have a happy pride month with people who accept you. Thanks so much, staff for putting so much effort into this site daily, and lovely events like this one. :byaslove:




Gender was never really a thing I worried about growing up, I would have crushes on girls, and boys, but I did quickly realize which crushes I would get more positive feedback talking to my parents about. So, it became a habit, "boys are for romance" "girls are for friends" Looking back on it I've always had feelings of attraction towards both and I never even acknowledged my first kiss with a friend of mine being a "kiss" because I was raised to believe those feelings didn't "count". I went to religious schools for most of my education, and as the idea was dug into me I really started to question why it was so "wrong" to love someone of the same gender. I remember specifically always making comments about how I was bi, and how quickly my friends and teachers would get quiet, and tell me I couldn't talk about that. I would mention it to my mother who would say the same thing I hear in sermons "Those feelings are a sin, you have to ignore them." Then the rumors started. This one girl shared that I was bi to many people even at other schools. I remember her exact words when I said it. " You like girls? Ew."  I kinda laugh about it now, but at the time I felt like there was something wrong with with me, and so I made it into a joke. I told people a close friend of mine was gay and I didn't know until much later how much that negatively affected her, and I deeply regret it.


              For me, I didn't think it was gross, or weird, I just knew other people did. I didn't feel shame, so much as fear as to making other people uncomfortable. This is something I still struggle with today, like when a couple years later with a female friend who I had a bit of crush on at the time but really tried to pretend I didn't , and I were talking about nsfw topics as high schoolers do. I mentioned that I don't have preference, and that I like girls to her to which her immediate response was " I could never do anything with a girl" and she gave me the most disgusted look. I started hearing this phrase all around me  "I'm not gay." As a defense mechanism, as if me, being attracted to women meant that I would hit on them just because of their gender. That really sat with me, and since then I continued to push my feelings to the side for the sake of not ruffling feathers of people around me or making them avoid me.   


Flash forward to now and I have had romantic or otherwise interactions with people on different parts of the spectrum. I still feel like I can't mention my less than hetero romances to my family, some friends, some coworkers because they will become uncomfortable.It's something I try to become more proud and confident of everyday, and talk about because it's a part of my story and I should not have to hide it and neither should anyone else.   I want everyone to feel proud  of who they are, no matter their orientation or identity. And that's got to start with being proud of myself. 


This is what pride means to me.





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@Cymette yes! i totally understand ur story.

ah i always thought i was i guess straight when i was growing up.

but it wasn't until a few years ago that i realized i was demisexual LOL

so it's nice to see other people like me too! ❤️

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ahh i'm (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ this makes me so happy omg kcjhsdkajh



hhh gonna write abt my experience here i guess; i've been inspired dcjhasldfjh


i've known i was trans since probably sixth grade? i tried my hardest to deny it, coming out as agender/genderfluid bc i refused to acknowledge that i was a boy and i grew up in a feminine environment so i couldn't be a boy right?


oh how wrong can a kid be.


i've been exploring with my identity until i finally settled sometime at the beginning of freshman year: i'm trans and i'm gay. and then i got my first serious boyfriend who called me his boyfriend and was so sweet and i was so in love with him that i didn't see that he wasn't the best influence for me. some bad stuff happened but i'm better now and i'm currently trying to find someone new!


this leads to more confusion.


i'm currently out as trans to many friends and my parents. my dad wants to help me get testosterone and therapy and an official diagnoses while my mom doesn't seem to full time believe me until i bring up the fact that my dysphoria makes my depression and anxiety come back full force and that leaves me feeling suicidal. it's partially my fault, though, as i never talk to her about it ahaha


but, again, the confusion: i'm attracted to girls. i couldn't ever date one without fully transitioning tho. the thought of dating a girl is nice, but makes me horribly dysphoric atm, so.




i'm gay, i'm trans, my dysphoria is punching me in the gut bc it's summer, and my mom doesn't have the ac on but she does have the windows open in the wow it's only 75 it feels way hotter than that


on another note, if u read this, i hope ur day was good! if it wasn't then i hope tomorrow's better!


- haz ♡_(:3 」∠)_

(i told my mom i like the name jared and she just shook her head and said it doesn't fit me KVJSALKDJFHALKDJFH)

(small edit: my dp is rlly weird but i found it in the ms paint folder in my art folder and i don't remember drawing it but look at it. that's the funniest thing i've ever seen)

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