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DOTA 2 // dps + big art! [OPEN]

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I N T R O / T H I N G S  T O N O T E


YOOO guys, you can call me Amy, I’m a student from the UK and hobby artist and have been here for over 4 years now and this is what I hope to be my permanent shop, which I dedicated to my favourite game. I love making friends with my commissioners and shout out to my regulars!!! I SEE YALL. I  will occasionally be increasing prices and posting premades so if you’re interested follow me and/or my shop and thank you in advance for supporting me!!!


Some disclaimers:


Firstly, if you order a detailed DP which is also animated, the DP resolution may not fit IMVU’s 200kb max file size. If it’s too big, just resize it or use a free online file compressor. I generally urge you, if you're looking to use an animated DP on IMVU to make sure you're very careful with how many animations and the details in the image. The more complex it is, the higher the kb is. This is not to say it'll always be 200kb, but I make exactly what you ask for therefore you're responsible if there are too many details. Do not ask me for refunds for these. You paid for not only the product but my time as well. Feel free to ask me for recommendations on how I could simplify it if you're worried. This doesn't only apply to my art but a lot of other DP art on GASR as well, but I don't like to repeat myself.


Secondly, I upload some commissions to my deviantart page which you can find on my profile to use as examples and just to have for my portfolio. Big art that I upload is watermarked to prevent it being stolen but DPs are not (people can still save your dp from your profile anyway) and if you aren’t OK with me uploading it, feel free to let me know and I won’t.


I accept private orders too with equal priority unless bribed or special request and I also will do NSFW in PM. I don't have a NSFW shop due to lack of activity but I have NSFW examples so just ask.


Please refer to my artistic freedom note at the end.



- Make sure you have the money ready and put aside for when you order

- I will not sell unwanted art as a premade.

- You are allowed to order multiple times and as much as you want


- For newer people ordering a high priced order, I may ask you to pay upfront first to avoid being scammed due to more time being wasted. Please don't take this personally, it's just a precaution!

- Please don't request refunds. I don't do them.



- Mature content is ALLOWED. My comments with EC will be marked as mature.



- Please pay within 48 hours.

- The password is currently: lipstick.



- Payment is to be sent after the lineart is shown and approved.

- For big art: one animation per DP crop.

- 2 texts MAX on pieces with text.



- No reselling.



- Not so much a rule but, please be honest with me if you'd like changes or if you think I drew something weirdly. Mistakes happen and I really want you to like it! 



BIG ART:                                                                                                     DPS:   

                                  ♣ More detailed                                                                ♣ 160x220 crop only

                                  ♣ Better for group pictures/couples                             ♣ Limited space for complex poses

                                  ♣ Better for more complex OCs and poses                 ♣ Complex background if you want

                                  ♣ DP crop comes with it if asked                                   ♣ Animation option

                                  ♣ Simple background                                                       ♣ Less detailed due to small canvas size


B I G  A R T


Bust: £18

Thigh up: £20

Full body: £23

Couples are double these prices


Pets: +£2

Intricate details: +£1-3

Huge wings: +£2-3

Weapons: +£1-3

Detailed background/scenery: +£2-5 (references/inspiration pics must be provided)















D I S P L A Y  P I C T U R E S


Default price: £14

Couples double the price


Pet: +£2

Animation: +£2 each

Examples of animations I can do:

Blinking, blushing, winking, smiling, floating, twinkling eyes or objects.


I do not recommended ordering too many animations at once but you can ask anyway and I’ll see if I can do it without it looking bad.










Added animation: £2 

Colour changes: Free

Redraw changes: Ask




Payment is to be sent after you confirm and are happy with the lineart WIP.

You are to send payment to this link with NO shipping address:


Please remember the currency is in GBP so don’t change it. If you don’t do this correctly I’ll have to refund you which costs both of us money so just don't make it harder than it should be please!


Note on artistic freedom: Sometimes my commissions don't come out how I'd like them to because of the OC, so if you allow me to have artistic freedom, I can try to make it look better by changing, removing, or adding some things on your character. However, plenty of characters suit my style, so artistic freedom is not always necessary, and therefore even if you say yes I may not change anything if I already like it. I will always communicate the changes I make and if you don't like them, I can revert it easily to your liking. If you're unsure, say yes.


Delete the parts in the form that are in brackets.



DP/Big Art:

Refs: (remember to include pose/expression)

Background: (if none given it'll be a plain colour w/ gradient)

Artistic freedom?: (yes/no)

Animation: (delete this part if none)


Details/Extra: (delete this part if none)










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DP/Drawing:  Drawing; bust 

Refs/OC: OC

Text: Fee and Elyse 

Details: As long as everything like the horns, eyes and tattoos and stuff (avoid drawing hands because I can't spend $4 on hands lol considering she'll count as 'detailed order') Any new outfit you think she'd suit! <3

Animation: --------

Password:  lanaya

Extra: DP crop could be fine, too!

Price: 12-15$? 


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@Sweetens accepted! gonna draw lineart rn and ill show u how it looks! also i can do the arms but wont do the hands so dw LOL its a bust anyway they wouldnt show <3 and its $14!

Edited by Amy

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@Sweetens hey hows this?! any changes? (dw i didnt forget the tattoo)  ill show another one with flat colours for u to approve then ill finish that one off once approved 


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@Sweetens here, her boobs looked small without shading so i added the cleavage line to show it LOL but yea theyll look big dw, heres with changes! i feel like she needs a choker is that just me or idk LOL let me know if everythings ok so i can move on to the colouring! 


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Yeah! Please do the choker; whatever looks good to you <3 
After that, move to colouringggg|! TYYYYY

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@Sweetens the colours will look darker, less ashy etc when i shade it, but just to get the general idea i hope this is ok! itll take 1 second to change the colour so list as many changes as needed! 

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Can you make the hair a little more pink? And her skin a little pinkier too. Also, could the little chain on the collar be gold instead of silver? The tattoo too, pls. (Idk if you forgot) 

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