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Hey guys welcome to my shop ♥

`•.,¸¸,.•´¯ COMMISSION IS ALWAYS OPEN ¯`•.,¸¸,.•´



My name is Ace. I'm a Malaysian. 

An 22 years old self-taught artist just for fun.

(English is not my first language, as an excuse for my bad grammar.)

I hope you like the work I have to offer and respect/read all the rules.




⋯⋯⋯⋯  Terms & Conditions  ⋯⋯⋯⋯


- All of GASRForum's rules still apply
- Do not claim, copy, trace, steal, repost, or heavily reference my art.
- Always pay before the started (full payment or 40% deposit first), and no refund.
- I accept only Paypal as payment.
- The currency is USD for all my work.
- Do not use it for any commercial purposes. Any and all activities that generate revenue are considered a commercial activity. Pm me for commercial use prices.
- You may ask for changes while I post the WIP of your order.
- I won't do a do/don'ts list, if I'm not comfortable doing your order I will tell you or you can just ask me about it.
- Sometimes I can be busy, please be patient.
- Follow the form and make everything organized.





[email protected]

Buy Me a Coffee ?? (●’ω`●)


☽✶✦  1201806658_moon120.gif.a14580b17e09369aad1fd01787699939.gif ✦✶☾







01 | BASIC





You'll get:

- Full Resolution File (JPG / PNG)

- Free DP Size File 160x220 (Optional)

- Free Custom Text Watermarks (Optional)

Bust: 55 USD   Half: 65 USD   Full: 75 USD

Couple / Additional Character(s):

Bust: 30 USD  Half: 40 USD  Full:  50 USD





The complexity of your order may vary the price,

especially on Background.









02 | DP





You'll get:

- DP Size File 160x220 (PNG)

- Custom Text Watermarks (Optional)

Single : 35 USD   

Couple : 45 USD  







03 | CHIBI



You'll get:

- 1000x1000 Full Resolution File (PNG)

- Custom Watermarks (Optional)

Single : 40 USD

Couple : 55 USD














Can be used as a supplement to the above options.


You'll get:

- Full Resolution File (GIF)

- Custom Watermarks (Optional)


- Facial expression (blink and head movement)

- Waving Dress / Hair

- Breathing

- Feather Breaking / Flower Fall / Glitch / Light Effects / Raining

- Blushing / Floating / Bouncing

- Camera Shake Effect

- etc (You can be creative, I will tell you if it's possible or not)













1. @Thickpancake

2. @BindMe

3. @KissEmmie

4. @Kaazii




1. @Foodie 


1. @iipopcornmonster 







By filling out this form means I have read and agreed to the artist's T&C.



  • Character REF link :
  • Style : Anime / Semi-Realism / Determined by artist
  • Option : Basic / DP / Chibi
  • Size : Bust / Half / Full
  • Single or Couple
  • Background (Too complicated background will charge a fee):           
  • ADDITIONAL (Background / etc): 
  • Text :
  • Paypal Email :
  • Deadline :


After I will reply your the price in PM, pls check.






Edited by acelee
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Ackk, been eying your art since you posted in my requests
I'll be back once I can order customs again~


Also, not sure if it's a glitch on my computer
but your first post is all in chinese =o
I think I saw it in english on my phone a few minutes ago


Edited by Fujoshi
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Turns out that I can't wait to order again. :ooohyas:


I'm ordering for my friend Xemik again. He's unsure if he prefers a half-body action shot or a full body "gear" shot, to showcase all of his character's things. If you don't mind looking at the stash, maybe you could tell us your preference on what to draw!


 Make me some art 

👊Single or Couple:Single
👊Style:Line Art w/ Color (assuming this is the same style used for Violet and Toxen >u<)
👊Size: Full or Half
👊References: Stash
👊Pose: If you decide to do the gear shot, a simple floating pose will do. I can find a reference if nothing immediately comes to mind. :D

      But if you decide on the half-body action pose, this is our inspiration for you, but with electricity around his hands/fingers.
👊Expression: Something like in the stash if you're doing the full. If half, then the same as the reference that I linked!

      Just give him more of an innocent or playful vibe, because he treats life like a video game.
👊Animation: None~
👊Background: If full, a dull color that will still show off the character and gear. You could add circuit designs to it?
      If Half, a room that has holographic computer screens or some kind of equipment that he could be creating. He's a boy genius, so anything's possible~
👊Text: Xemik
👊Extra: We can't think of anything else. Just let me know if you need clarifications on anything!
👊Price: Can you let me know?

Edited by iMoo

Added background ideas
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@iMooWow, how awesome is this? Your OC always surprise me, both I also want to draw:ogoodshi:
Line Art Price: Full 23$ / Half 15$+6$ (if simple backgroud i will not charge)
i can draw for you simple sketch of both for free, you can consider which one you want:kkekecreep:


Edited by acelee
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6 hours ago, acelee said:

05-0s_20180719133348430.jpg.19d6a0318a5fedc2055476c793d7d2ac.jpg@iMooAnd this is current progress by Toxen (60%)

imageproxy.php?img=&key=e87f27f0837c003cI will add the smoke at the end:lazemstrstealurgorl:

He keeps getting hotter with every WIP :bfahh: Toxen in your style is just mmf.

Two details I see straight away that you can add are the black fingerless gloves and black nail polish! But this is so amazing :drooly:




7 hours ago, acelee said:

@iMooWow, how awesome is this? Your OC always surprise me, both I also want to draw:ogoodshi:
Line Art Price: Full 23$ / Half 15$+6$ (if simple backgroud i will not charge)
i can draw for you simple sketch of both for free, you can consider which one you want:kkekecreep:


If you really don't mind doing that, I'm sure Xemik would be so thankful!

I bet if they turn out well, he won't resist buying both because the prices are very fair :lazerose:/promoting this idea shamelessly

And laskjdf THANK YOU. We work together on putting the stashes and references together for his OCs. It's so nice hearing that you like it!

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@iMoo I tried to draw a few to let you see first. Pls let me know if you need to change it.:llsqueeze:


I am not very satisfied this so i paint it again (he look like a girl), i just show for you maybe you will like it ?:ohmph:







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The first one is really cute, haha. But I'm glad that you decided to redraw it a few times! I really love both of the second versions!!!

I'm sharing them with Xemik now and when he tells me his answer, I'll post here asap. <3 /totally telling him to buy both

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Xemik really loves both of them, so he plans to buy both! But he did request some changes like~


Changing the hoodie to the jacket that Mico is supposed to wear. The shirt can be different than described in the stash, so long as it's purplish and playful.

And if the right wrist is showing, he'd love if you could have the USB tattoo on it.

As for the tail, he didn't expect it but he loves it. :D He's wondering if you can make it look more mechanical or robotic.

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That's looking amazing! We're really loving the details you've added to his outfit. :applause:

But he is asking if you can make the hair longer, down to his neck like in the image that Itaslipy drew for him.


And in order to make the tail look more mechanical or robotic, can you make it look like it's made of metal or something similar?


Edit: Xemik actually linked me a video that he thought would be good for inspiration? He said the hair on the end could be longer, though...


Edited by iMoo
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  • acelee changed the title to 【4/5】𝔸ℂ𝔼'𝕤 ℂ𝕌𝕊𝕋𝕆𝕄 𝕊ℍ𝕆ℙ | ♥ 3 PREMADES ♥

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