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Requests 101: How to Make a Good Request

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✎Requests 101



So.. you want to set up a request? For what? To get art of course!

With this guide on hand, it will show you how to set up the perfect request. Many users on AH get very confused about how to set up a good request, especially when it comes to specificities and other things to include. Sometimes artists can find that frustrating. 

When both parties know what the other one wants, it's a win-win!

This Guide Will Cover:


  • What type of art do you want from your request?
  • If you want display pictures /avatar edits and posting screenshots.
  • You're requesting art of an OC? What does he/she/it look like?
  • Other Information


✎ What Type Of Art Do You Want From Your Request?

What You Can Buy/Sell/Request on AH:


  • Display pictures (DPs)
  • Full edits
  • Drawings
  • Real Life edits (RL Edits)
  • Icons
  • Badges
  • Doodles
  • Chibis
  • Logos
  • Pixel dolls/sprites
  • Banners
  • Add-ons for edits


All of which must be General Audience (GA) unless bought/sold/requested in the Mature Content (18+) Section.    


Note: If you're opening a request, you should probably let the artists know exactly what you're looking to buy! 

Imagine if you're opening a request, and you only want to buy chibis and everyone is making you display pictures! You might not have mentioned that you are only looking to buy chibis. Being specific is very important if you want to be happy with your art you receive, and to save the artist some trouble.

✎ Artwork Specificity - Avatar Edits / Display Pictures

I cannot emphasize enough how many people forget to post screenshots in their requests! An artist can't edit your avatar if you don't provide screenshots of it.


If you do not know how to take a screenshot, you can: 
JVLRT.pnga) Type in *hiresnobg for a hi-res screenshot without a background that saves to your desktop.
JVLRT.pngb) Type in *hiressnap for a hi-res screenshot with a background that saves to your desktop.
JVLRT.pngc) Use the in-client camera and go to your gallery. You can find your gallery by going here, typing in your username, and find the "My Gallery" link!


If you are still confused on taking screenshots, here is a Wiki guide! 

How To Take A Good Screenshot


You also need to make sure you upload your screenshot.


Sites to upload screenshots


Many of these you don't need accounts for, however if you ever want to edit/delete photos in your album then you will have to create an account to edit them.

✎You're Requesting Art Of An OC? What Do They Look Like?

Lately, there has been a surge in people wanting to have requests for their OC. OC stands for Original Character, which has either been designed by the person who is requesting the art, or purchased by an artist. 


If you don't have any drawings of your OC, try to find references online!

Real life reference photos are optimal. 


For example, let's say I have an OC who's name is Bella. This is an example description I'm giving so artists can easily picture her in their heads:

  • Name: Bella
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Hair/eyes: Brown and wavy/clear blue
  • Bella is a girl blah blah blah who likes blah blah. She is very blah blah blah and in her spare time she blah blah blah. A quirky feature of hers is blah blah blah.


See what I'm saying? A lot of people who are serious about their OCs usually provide hex code colors so the artists can make everything to a "t".

✎ Please Be Aware

Artists usually like: 

  • Shadowless rooms like this are good examples of screenshot rooms that do not have shadows in them. Sometimes shadows can be annoying to work with, especially if the artist doesn't usually repaint their avatars. 
  • Screenshots with little-to-no accessories. 
  • A mix of screenshots with and without hair. You can buy a bald cap here.
  • What your likes/dislikes are.
  • The "main theme" of your request.


Lastly, make sure to include your price range on how much you are willing to spend on one piece of art.


Enjoy, and good luck on your request!

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