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Name:  Julie

Age: 24

little bit about yourself:  I currently live in cali , 

I used to work for a company in the fashion industry but I quit early this year. it was very technical job. dealt with a lot of merchandising & the  business part of fashion, and I wanted to go in a more creative route. 

soooo... ill be going to school for fashion design while working part time in the industry,

and I thought starting a fashion community on gasr would be super beneficial to me and hopefully to others


welcome to the group~ 

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Name:  Ave or Avery

Age: 27

little bit about yourself:   

I'm a chef and artist by trade.  Been through school and all that jazz.  I've got a business for art that I've been running for a few years now but that I'm trying to expand now.  I do like fashion quite a bit, though I tend to not care for popular modern fashion at all.  I'm more of a gothic/punk/modern Victorian fashion kind of guy.  I'm pretty friendly albeit sarcastic, so I'm always up to chat.  Usually aimlessly and on a tangent.

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Name:  sav

Age: 20

little bit about yourself:  hiii there !! my name is sav and I love art, music, anime n anything new that'll peek my interests !! I'm kinda an airhead at times but TRUST meeee im p great at reading details, ppl n any situation hehe .. im v nic en caring so if you'd like to talk about anything LMK or you can just PM me (-:

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Name:  Dippie!!!

Age: 22

little bit about yourself:   I love food! I also live in FLORIDA! come see me at Disney :P I try my best to make new friends even though i am shy and a little scary cat But trying my best is all i can do ! soooo if someone wants to be friends ;) im that girlie hehehehe.  ( While typing this is i am so crying at the movie coco its sooo sad and cute  )   Wells after crying i forgot what i was going to type lol  have a great day everybooty  stay cute stay happy :klove:

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Name: Mya

Age: 17

little bit about yourself:  I'm shy and weird. I love to meet new people that have the same interests. I like makeup, cats, horror movies, strawberries, and macaroons. 

I don't really like bullies or just people in general(no offense) LOLL :lazeflirt:jk ily all

um I also like plants a lot and drawing keeps me calm.

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