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@Vee AYYY - I use Wallpaper Engine from Steam for the background. Then I use Fences to get the boxes and to organize everything. :phearteyes:


kingdom hearts bg :fingerguns:


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Yess both are, incredibly. But you have to enable a feature on Fences that allows like transparency on Windows 10? It'll be in the Fences settings whenever you get it. That way, it'll work for wallpaper engine. 



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1 hour ago, doll said:


original size is 3840 x 2160, but i feel like that's a lil too big for gasr, lmao. 

i use wallpaper engine too !! @Kouhai 



I SAW IN THE SERVER. I was actually in VC with this guy who said he really liked yours. It's so aesthetically pleasing AHH :lazeblush:

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Just now, waifull said:

omg you guys wallpaper are so cool...if i were to google how to do that..would it be easy >.>/ 

and here's mine !! it's a bit of a mess atm thoo,



Yes! Steam has a free application called "Wallpaper Engine". It's very simple to navigate and use!

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