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Alex only play janna and lux bcs shes a e-girl 😚


I dont have a mainrole either

Only play a lot of ARAM ^_^ 


NA: Not Mattie

I have a EUW acc too but i never play on euw lmaooo


My fav champs to play urmmmm...


Soraka, Rakann, Morgana, Lux, Blitzcrank, Zyra, Sivir, Lucian, Caitlyn, Jinx, MF, 

Kayn, Kha'zix, Amumu, Xin Zhao, Talon, Lux, Brand, Galio, Swain, Veigar,

Irelia, Jayce, Shen, Tryndamere, Urgot, Wukong


I kinda like to play Urgot now after i tried him when he was free play xd


I dont really play on Summoners Rift

Unless its for a mission like getting dragons or such 😔

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i play EVERYTHING but mostly irelia mf cait ahri vayne lux yi vi akali fiora riven evelynn diana soraka sona

akali was one of my mains and im lookin forward to the rework, just hope ill still be good at her LOL 

my ign is bxsnia and im on euw silver elo!!

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NA: tmrw

pbe: tbh


Anyone down for some ofa? I love almost all the game modes I swear.

Lulu main, I usually play support/mid/adc. Other favs: janna, soraka, lux, sona, karma, nami, morg, ori, mf, cait, trist, 

I play for fun, don't play ranked. Haven't since like s4. Not into people like yelling, talking sh*t if you miss a shot, and breaking things irl from being mad at the game.

Just fun banter and friendly teasing.


@Alex you lux adc, me janna support? :ey:

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NA: Lineara


I consider myself a mid main but I feel like I play support more since I'm always duo'ing with my boyfriend LOL

Though lately I'm trying to pick up jungle. Diana I guess is my main jungle atm.


Vel'Koz will always be my main main though. Vel'koz is bae.






I'M HYPED FOR THE BUFF HE'LL BE GETTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So I came back to League a few days ago. Played a couple of games. I wanna gouge my own eyes out already. 

Whoever decided to put Fiddle support into meta now deserves to have an ant problem for the rest of their lives.


Other than that add me pls and we can play some games I swear I'm not tilted.


EUW: Rin Automata

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