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World of Warcraft

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With the new expansion coming out soon, I'm going to have a shit ton of nerdy stuff related to WoW. Might as well have a place to dump it all.

Feel free to share your bnet, whether you're horde/ally, what class/race you place, etc! 


I'm personally running an SPriest right now, trying to get my class mount. ;; v ;;/

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although i'm thinking about going holy priest next xpac or maining heals but i'm unsure yet 


i stopped playing for months now, probably since early this year and i still need to purchase the xpac but i think im looking forward to it!

im probably gonna resub here soon and dick around. i haven't really had much games to do stuff and every time i get on wow i get bored even tho there are like a million things to do


++++ the class mount for priests are very nice tho! like the owl is nice and idk

i have a holy pally i play here and there and i like the healing and thought about maining pally but i've played spriest since mop and i can't abandon her like that noo

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resub and come be dumb with me 

both of you 

( @Kita ur gonna have to come to the horde or ur ded 2 me )



i actually haven't really paid a dime for my wow shit so far. my friend promised me he'd buy me a one month sub if i managed to get the preorder on the xpac, which i did (was a surprise gift from a friend) 

so as it stands im just brainlessly playing right now shjhsadof the priest hall quest line is so loooOOOOooong

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i have enchanting + tailoring bc cloth gear and man do i have tons of gold LOL i have 200k? it's been a while but ya girl here don't even have $15 to resub at the moment #lovelife #mood


and ummm

you have a long fucking way to go

see you in 2020

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oh nvm, see you in august when you dont get far and the new xpac hits and you can't catch up :')))))))))


i made a lot of my gold from selling enchants man plus i had a wow boyfriend/long distance boyfriend who would give me gold and other things

thats probably one of the best perks to online dating is that u and the bf can do shit together or they give you shit but then u break up and now ur a lonely ass bitch




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ok why are u being so mean 2 me can U FUCKING NOT.



i have a friend rn ( i call him my husband ) and he's who got me into it, he gave me some gold to get me set up on this toon ahha

i'm still kind of a somewhat noob so sldkjfsdlf 

im making progress in my order campaign tho fuk u 



also spriest does so much damage like i have a legendary rn that adds damage to my void eruption and boiii


it brought me up to 2nd most damage everytime during the dg i was just in lol

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I've been told that details is a good dmg/heal meters. But I believe its just personal preference on what dmg meter you want to use.


Other add-ons I have pretty much similar to Vee's, but I got TRP and MogIt since I play on a RP server. uwu


I was hyped for Mag'har and Dark Iron until I found out you have to rep grind to Exalted again. -_-

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