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✢ Anime talk

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My favorite animes are Sailor Moon and Elfen Lied.
I have so many shows I've started and not finished, but I've been watching Darling in the FRANXX.
Some more recent favorites: Eureka 7, Noragami, Snow White with the Red Hair, Yona of the Dawn, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

I'm always open to suggestions! :kwave:
I find it hard to find good animes and when I do, then I try to binge them or else I forget them~. This happens to me 90% of the time. RIP.

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@Cymette oo i wanted to try watching some of the ones you listed as your faves, just havent gotten around to do that, another friend of mine loves Elfen Lied as well, i dont really know the storyline tho, whats it abt basically?

@Yimu tbh it does that when im on mobile too sometimes so i feel your pain LOL

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I have too many to list??? 


Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Space Dandy, Trigun, uh... Dragon Ball Z and Super.. Uh. Ancient Magus' Bride, Clannad. 


And for movies basically all of the Ghibli films and uhm... A Silent Voice and also Your Name. 


I mean I have a lot more but yep yurp yeppity yip. :pblushing:

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18 hours ago, Kamlin said:

oo its been so fun to keep up with BNHA lately :cuteok: 

my fav character ofc is todoroki :lldance:


Just started this anime n I LOVE IT SMMMMM ..currently on episode 5.. and cant wait to hav MY FAAAAV that'll stan forEV hahH


and I'm also watching Bleach which i've been watching and binging n obsessing over since i was like 5 but JUST started watching over from ep 1 again 2 months ago,,currently on ep 645 (?? i forget bc i watch so many anime's at once) ...honestly thinking abt getting a Bleach themed tattooooo..that's how much I FRICKIN LUV BLEACH ugh

Image result for cute rukia gifs

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Out of my favourites are:

- Toradora

- Shiki

- Higurashi

- Angel Beats

- Soul Eater

- Clannad

- Wolf girl and the Black Prince

- My Little Monster

I haven't really watched much lately apart from Attack on Titan season 2, so if any recommendations I will take!!


There's also anime movies that I adore like Wolf Children, Girl who leaped through time, A Silent Voice, My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away.



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Jk I'm starting fresh


Things I watched

Akame ga Kill

Attack on Titan (both seasons)

Blue Exorcist S1

Danganronpa: The Animation

Death Note

Shokugeki (2 seasons)

Mob Psycho 100

Boku no hero all seasons

No Game. No Life

Tokyo Ghoul all seasons

Bleach 200 ish episodes


I enjoyed most of them tbh.. I didn't really like no game no life that much. But I think Tokyo ghoul, boku no hero and bleach were all pretty good. Akame ga kill was wild too same with attack on titan but boku no hero and tokyo ghoul r my kids

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@Ayumi It's been a while and I'm barely awake, so I hope to do it justice. Elfen Lied follows Lucy/Nyu who is a part of a humanoid-esque species. After she escapes, the series follows I think it's like the government's pursuit of her and there's a bit of romance. It's got quite a bit of violence though. Lotta blood.

Have you watched Higurashi When They Cry? I think the vibe is kind of it that realm, but I don't remember that anime well. I enjoyed it! I think I finished it, but then I got confused at some point because I don't remember if it was part of the main episodes, but the story started to repeat. . . differently. . . 

@Flix Death Note 
♡ I wish No Game No Life had gotten a second season, but I remember a controversy with the artist tracing. I think I made it about as far into Bleach as you did. That first opening song gives me so many feelings.

@Animu Oh! I need to finish Ancient Magus Bride. I read the manga - or most of it, but I haven't finished the anime yet.

@Plushie I started Angel Beats! Gosh, I forgot all about that anime. That's one I really want to finish. How did you enjoy it!

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@Ayumi Yeah, Clannad is so beautiful and it kept making me cry in most episodes ; n;

I think I've heard a little about Orange so I will check it out!!


@Cymette Angel Beats is one of the first animes I watched same with Toradora, Death Note, Naruto and School Days (wouldn't recommend that one ever), I think the storyline is quite interesting and some of the songs are very easy picked up since I remember most of them. I really enjoyed watching Angel Beats so I would highly recommend it, I've rewatched it a couple of times and still cry at near the ending, it gets me everytime.

Yui is my favourite character.

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