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Art Trade Guidelines

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Art Trades Introduction



Wanna engage in a good, old fashioned, trade? 


Well then you have come to the right place! This guide will introduce you the basics of Art Trades. Just remember that Art Trades are a two persons game! So buckle up and get ready to make a friend, an art partner, or (maybe) both!


You never know where a simple Art Trade can lead you. 



Welcome to the art trade part of the forum.


Here, you and another artist may offer to trade artwork / services. This must be done between two consenting parties and the details should be worked out prior to completing the trade so that neither party feels like they have been cheated. 

Unfortunately, it is up to the individual to keep up their half of the trade. However, if someone is continually not keeping up their end of the bargain please contact a moderator. Depending on the severity, it could result in a forum warning or revoked privileges in this part of the forum.

Please note, that general art theft rules apply in this forum as well. 
If you are creating art for others using methods we have defined as art theft, you will receive a warning.



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