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[Body] Eyes

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This topic is a collection of tutorials for Eyes .
Learn how to draw Eyes with these tutorials of talented artists around the web.
All right sources are credited below the images so if you want to comment/praise, please do so on their page/profile/post.



Please keep in mind 

  • Not to fully copy 100% from one tutorial.
  • These tutorials are only meant for learning purposes.
  • You may NOT make profit by selling/claiming these tutorials, they are for everyone.
  • You may NOT trace over the original content (that beats the purposes of learning).
  • If you want to post a tutorial that may be interesting for this topic, please do so but you MUST include the original link to the original artist. (NO google, Pinterest, Re-post of other's tumblr acc's, WeHeartIt, etc.)
  • Any tutorial posted without a source will be deleted.
  • Please keep spam to a minimum.
  • For help or any suggestions, please do so here.



Good luck!


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Page 1

  • Eyes step by step by Sakimichan
  • Eyes tutorial by Claparo-san
  • Eye tutorial by A-kurisuwa
  • Eye's Tutorial by chi-mochi
  • How I do "copic eyes" by ramuramu
  • Semi realistic anime eyes by CitrusGun
  • Coloring tutorial by Zeenyx
  • Eye tutorial by Ritheria
  • Semi-realistic eye tutorial by Sangrde
  • Eyes tutorial by RezKhan
  • Semirealistic eye tutorial by teralilic
  • Eye tutorial by Ryky
  • Eyes basics light and shadow by Wysoka
  • Eye tutorial by Hana*
  • Eye tutorial by 菜一郎
  • Anime eye by 霧氷@ついった始めました
  • Eyes tutorial by ユキ
  • Eye tutorial by challele


Page 2

  • Eye tutorial by mirukawa
  • Eye tutorial by miivei
  • Eye tutorial by FeliceMelancholie
  • Drawing eyes by Kawacy
  • Basics - eyes (monochrome) by naschi
  • How I color my eyes by sternenmelodie
  • Tutorial: How to Refine Eyes by EndlesRz
  • How to paint eyes (video) by eiyo-paints
  • Anatomy quick tips: Eyes (video) by Sinix Design
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