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[Body] Hair

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This topic is a collection of tutorials for Hair .
Learn how to draw Hair with these tutorials of talented artists around the web.
All right sources are credited below the images so if you want to comment/praise, please do so on their page/profile/post.



Please keep in mind 

  • Not to fully copy 100% from one tutorial.
  • These tutorials are only meant for learning purposes.
  • You may NOT make profit by selling/claiming these tutorials, they are for everyone.
  • You may NOT trace over the original content (that beats the purposes of learning).
  • If you want to post a tutorial that may be interesting for this topic, please do so but you MUST include the original link to the original artist. (NO google, Pinterest, Re-post of other's tumblr acc's, WeHeartIt, etc.)
  • Any tutorial posted without a source will be deleted.
  • Please keep spam to a minimum.
  • For help or any suggestions, please do so here.



Good luck!


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page 1

  • Hair tutorial by Sakimichan
  • Hair tutorial by rinnyleep
  • Hair tutorial by ti-ri
  • Hair tutorial by fuwaffy
  • Hair tutorial by kawacy
  • Hair tutorial by maruuki
  • Hair tutorial by shizumu_xii
  • Hair tutorial by cushart
  • How to draw hair by naschi
  • Hair tutorial by annabel-m
  • Hair tutorial by j-witless
  • Hair tutorial by kelpls
  • Hair tutorial by renaillusion
  • Hair tutorial by Himechui
  • Hair tutorial by kamism
  • Hair tutorial by MugenMuse
  • Hair tutorial by coroly
  • Hair tutorial by sirasan


page 2

  • Hair: Do's en don'ts by StarshipSorceres
  • Hair tutorial by Raeinni
  • Hair tutorial by rosuuri
  • Hair tutorial by rohioart
  • Hair tutorial by EndlessRZ
  • Hair tutorials by EtheringtonBrothers
  • Hair tutorial by Wysoka




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By kamism


This is NOT stock. May only be used as reference ONLY. You may NOT vector it and use it as your own.
All images & materials created by me are protected under copyright law. My images are not produced, represented, sold, distributed, or licensed as stock. You are not allowed to reproduce, copy, publish, transmit, upload, use, print, distribute, alter, edit, modify, or manipulate my work in any way, either in it's entirety, or in portion, without express (and prior) written consent and license from me. If you use my works without my direct written permission, it is called art theft and I will take legal measures against you.
Don't steal, ask first. It's easy.


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