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[Misc] Body Lightning perspective

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  • Lightning by Moni158
  • Head lightning by Picolo
  • Head lightning by CharlieKirchoff
  • Different Light and Shadow by yuchenghong
  • Scanned Head light by Perry Lee Smith
  • Head Lightning by Ayyasap
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  • Simple face lightning by Sysen
  • Lightning by Jiuge
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By yuchenghong


For people who may interested and think it would be helpful
This tutorial is talking about different lighting condition

if you are interested please check the link

Light and shadow (  Video Tutorial )

Other tutorial:

This package includes:

- One 1920X1168 videos (MP4 format) ( total 1hr 23 mins) with full English audio commentary,

* this tutorial does not include the video process of the male portrait*

In this video , I will demonstrate how to approach different lighting situation.

There will mention about 6 common lighting

  • - 3 quarter lighting,
  • - Strong sun light ,
  • - Night lighting,
  • - Lighting from below (like fire),
  • - Reflected and bouncing light
  • - Under water

-7 HiRes JPG file ( 3668 Height X 2628 Width ,300DPI)
-2 HiRes PSD source file ( 3668 Height X 2628 Width ,300DPI)

  • male portrait process PSD
  • all 6 lighting process PSD
  • Photoshop brush

Thank you 


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