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Not really sure about the approach I went with this one but I had a lot of fun playing with colours on it ^w^

Thank y'all so much for the opportunity - even if I don't win anythin' this was really fun to colour ♥


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Current Entry, most likely will do another :3 had a lot of fun coloring this though I had to switch the colors around lots until I thought it was perfect ^^


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3 hours ago, Keturah said:


Omg she's so cutee!!! I immediately thought Koi so you defo did an amazing job at getting down their markings so well


Looking at all these entries makes me wanna try too especially with all the gorgeous linework!

-sobs disgustingly- im so glad you like it!!! ;-;

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oh boy, I love coloring.

especially when it doesn't require the part of my brain that just can'tseem to produce proper lineart! woo-hoo! 


this is such a fun idea, cheese!!!! thank you sm for hosting, i'm eager to enter. 

and don't get me started on these entries. y'all are so talented. 





used my oc's palette 

here's my entry xo

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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