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Artist of the Moment


The artist of the moment is our way of giving back to you forum members and offer a bit of exposure for all artists here.
Should you be chosen as "artist of the moment" your artwork and bio will be featured on the homepage as well as the official Art Haven facebook / tumblr.

Please read everything before posting, thank you!


The main moderators in charge of Artist of the Moment are Crima Fervent | Sei | Vee
Please PM them if you have any questions!


Must have at least one active shop on Art Haven forum.
Unfortunately, we will not be advertising people who sell art offsite because that kind of defeats the purpose of this event.
Thus, you must have an active shop on the forums. Unfortunately even if you do make art for the forum (requests / premades in the premade market) but have no permanent shop, you will not be qualified. 
Also it should be noted, since there has been some confusion about this, free and practice threads count as an active shop.

Must be semi-active.
If you're rarely on the forums, there is no need to be featured. Inactive users who get chosen, slow the process up. So to make things easier on the moderators and to keep the waiting list neat and tidy, if you're not active for a month, you'll be removed from the list.

When you are active again, you may ask to be re-added to the list.

You must have minimum 50 posts.

Must have no active forum warnings.
This means Official warnings that have not dropped off yet.
You can still be featured with friendly reminders as you still have no points deducted.

Must have been a member of our forums for at least a month.
This is to allow the list to be a bit smaller and prevents some degree of scamming.

Must actually do art.
This of course can be anything art related... Enhancements, Drawings, Banners, Pixels, etc.
Unfortunately at this point in time we will not be featuring people who just sell screenshots.


Must never been featured before.
This is to allow everyone to have a chance of becoming Artist of the Moment.

If you were AOTM on the previous old GASR forum, this rule still applies to you. 

Those that do not meet these requirements, will not be featured.

What you will get as Artist of the Moment
There is no monetary prize for being randomly chosen as the "Artist of the Moment" but you will receive a bit of free exposure on our forum portal, our facebook page and our tumblr blog.

Featured on our Forum Homepage:

You will have a feature on our forum homepage, thus displayed there will be..

- A link to one of your shops

- One picture of your artwork

For the portal, the image must be this exact size.
200 x 150.png
Width: 220| Height 150
It will be up to you what you want to put there.
Of course, if you want to display more than one picture and it fits on that size go for it!
You can also choose to make an animation of more than one image, however you must do the animation yourself as the staff member will not.

- A short biography of yourself

This part is pretty much up to you what you want to write about.
It's just a block of text and as long as what you want to say is appropriate I will put it on there.

Some ideas include:
- About Yourself
- What you like drawing
- What got you into art
- How long you've been doing art
- Why do you like Art Haven
- What inspires you
- Where you'd like your art to be in the future
- Why do you like doing art
You can also ask one of your friends or customers to write something about you.

You will be featured on our portal for two weeks!


[ OPTIONAL ] A Facebook and Tumblr Feature:

This part is optional, you have the choice to have a permanent feature on our official facebook and tumblr there you will be able to: 

Display 1-10 Artwork
The artwork can be of any size, however, on tumblr we will re-arrange them to look the most visually appealing so all of the artwork you choose may not appear. 

Links to various places
By default, a link to your forum profile and your shop will be included. 
However, you have the option to also include a link to your deviantart, tumblr, youtube, facebook, twitter and anywhere else you post your artwork!
If you're interested in being the Artist of the Moment
To put your name down to become artist of the moment, all you have to do is post here saying your interested.

In fact, all you have to say is "I'd like my name down for artist of the moment" (copy + paste). 
You do NOT have to fill out the information that would be displayed if you were artist of the moment. 

If you are chosen, you have one week to get that information together for your feature!
How do we select the Artist of the Moment?
To prevent bias and favoritism, everyone who signs up will be put through a generator (every 2 weeks) and it will randomly select a name to be the artist of the moment.

If you do not meet the requirements at the time that you are chosen, someone else will be picked.
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I would like to be listed for a chance to be artist of the moment please. 

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Update the list! Will row for the next AOTM beginning of next week.


@Karismic | If you were already AOTM, you can't go again. It's not fair to others who has been waiting. Thank you for asking this because I forgot to update the rules!


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Hello Everyone! 
It's time to reveal the next artist of the moment for the second half of September 3920004554.gif 






    @Luxor CONGRATS TO OUR BELOVED ADMIN! :byaslove:
A message with the required info will be send out asap 🙂

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Hello Everyone! 
It's time to reveal the next 2 artists of the moment 3920004554.gif 










@Weasley CONGRATS!!!

A message with the required info will be sent out asap 🙂

A few names were removed from the list because you did not have a shop. You may ask to be on the list again once you open a shop! 

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I'd like my name down for artist of the moment, please and thanks :byaslove:

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