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Thank you guys for avenging the dead @Buni @Windows and congrats ofc, well deserved. :cutethumbsup: The dead can now rest in peace, me included because @Kia girl, i'm gon be careful from now on. :lluwotm8: cute but deadly was def the thing here.


Really glad i managed to fully stay with this event throughout the whole thing and it really just made my days a lot lighter, haven't had much time to play games lately so this was my amusement / game for the time and daaaaaamn i had a blast, i died but i DIED HAPPY. :ogoodshi:

This event was so well thought out and so super creative, like holy SHITE this was good on so many levels imo,  basically created a mini game . Bless the genius or  geniuses behind this and i'm totally up for a next event like this because i gotta GIT GUD.  LW8.gif


fr tho, amazing job y'all, this was so much fun and so cool to see so many ppl participate... i'm fkn blown away still




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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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