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⛈️ Thunder Madness ⛈️ [1/2] - OPEN !

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Heya friends I'm Flix, 23 years old living the good old student life in The Netherlands. In my shop I'm gonna be selling IMVU edits. I might offer other stuff in the future but I don't see it happen anytime soon as I am always struggling to be consistent when it comes to drawing. Anyway hope you like my art and thanks for stopping by!


I also have some hair add-ons available: click



🌩️ No stealing, copying, reselling and all those things

🌩️ Pick up within 3 days (72 hours) 

otherwise it will be sold (unless it's your OC)

🌩️ Payment will be via Paypal

🌩️ I do females , males and couple DPs

🌩️ I usually don't draw animals but I can try



🌩️ Please be aware that I'm very slow when it comes to art. It can range from a few days to around 2 months.. or longer

🌩️ You can cancel at any point, do keep in mind that I can do the same if things don't turn out the way I want to

 🌩️ I excel most in dark/gorey themes



 * I M V U  E D I T * 


Comes with textless version

Comes with 1 free animation of choice

Hands and other add ons are possible


Single: €10 | Couple: €18

(price may increase with complexity of the order)


Extra animations are possible for €1 per animation

Things I'm comfortable with are glow, winking and blinking.

If you want anything else please lemme know and I can try to make it work



If you want to see more: CLICK !






1.  Novocaine





Done via Paypal in Euros (€)

Click the button down below to pay :-)!





Make sure you copy the whole table! 



* E D I T *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *






 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *




For every 5 orders you place, you get a custom DP for free!


Pey: x

Naptime: x

PetieFawn: x

Optical: x

Veira: x

BriznessaDuCouteau: x

Heirlooms: x

Notiva: x x x x

KimberlyCaliano: x

Cappster: x

Vellocet: x

Nutmeg: x

Prisoner: x

Vixsyn: x

Sapience: x


Thanks for stopping by! :pcool:













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  • 1 year later...

@Ada, do you have a screenshot with her eyes open? if you do then you're accepted! it's just handier if the eyes are open >:)!


Sorry for being so slow everyone , lifes been pretty tiring and these orders might actually take a long time. I totally understand if anyone wants to cancel their order along the way, cause I might be talking about months. The exhaustion I'm feeling these weeks is just kinda wild (schools a bit hectic) , so the motivation to draw has been gone for quite a while. I want to put give you guys quality so therefore it might take some time before my motivation comes back. 


I still gotta update my slots but they are full, unless ada can't provide me a new screenshot :--)!

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  • Flix changed the title to ⛈️ Thunder Madness ⛈️ - Pick up Sapience
  • Flix changed the title to ⛈️ Thunder Madness ⛈️ [2/2]
  • 2 weeks later...
  • Flix changed the title to ⛈️ Thunder Madness ⛈️ [0/2] - Pick up Ada

@Ada I FINALLY FINISHED YOUR ORDERD AAAAAAAAAAA I'm so sorry it took 10 million years but I do hope you like it and if you want any changes please let me know! and if all is good you can send the 10 euroos to my paypal :--)




This also means my slots are open again after 5 million years .. wooo 

Edited by Flix
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  • Flix changed the title to ⛈️ Thunder Madness ⛈️ [0/2] - OPEN !

Hey friends gonna llet you know im gonna try to work on some premades in the meantime with rn goin for 4 grills with them red hairs wooo. HERES A LIL SNEAKPEAKO.

Will keep you updated once I open the premade shop and what not but it's something to look forward toOMAYBEE :pcool:




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  • Flix changed the title to ⛈️ Thunder Madness ⛈️ [1/2] - OPEN !
19 hours ago, Flix said:

@Novocaine you don't have to worry about paying until after it's done ! Since chances are people might not like it or i take 50 million years so I don't like asking for payment before I'm doneee. And IM GLAD YOU'RE EXCITED!!! one of the screens has a very nice pose that excited me too WOO



Very awesome! I'm glad that one of those has interested you!! :D

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