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Invitation from the Academy of the Central Kingdom

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A Brief Introduction


Since the olde age, there have always been 5 five royal families, each ruling a separate kingdom. For generations upon generations, these families fought over the rule of the Central Kingdom. The family that claimed the Central Kingdom, essentially had power over the entire land of GASR until they were overthrown. Family name is everything - and ruling the Central Kingdom with your kin means holding the most power. Over time the constant conflict that the Kingdoms created in their strife for power, resulted in dire consequences. They had to come to a compromise so that the land of GASR would not suffer due to these consequences. Each family vowed that they would send their young to be trained in the central ruling kingdom. They decided to turn the vast city of GASR into a school and each year, the worthy would accepted into the 5 noble houses. Every year the house that wins the most challenges, and brings the most glory to their Kingdom, gains control over the Central Kingdom for the upcoming year.




Q. Who let Tom Riddle write this? I can't read anything.

A. We got you.


Dear notable Student,


You are receiving this letter with information in regards to your acceptance into our school of training. Please read carefully, as the following instructions will determine your placement within our academy. 


Below you will find an attached assessment containing 5 sections. Each will evaluate you on many aspects of your personality. After it has been completed in full, you will then be placed in an appropriate house based upon your overall result. 


We wish you the best of luck on your journey,


Academy of the C.K.


Q. When will we get sorted? I haven't been placed into my house yet. I already took the test.

A. We feel you and we really want to group you into your new home ASAP. Just remember that we're super extra and made the sorting process complicated. We want to be as thorough as possible with this process! There are a lot of students, a lot of tests, and a lot of questions. We take our time, because we care.


Q. Do I need to take all the quizzes?

A. Yep, all 5 of them.


Q. Can I take the quiz on tablet/mobile?

A. Oui, oui you definitely can!


Q. What does it all mean?

A. The world is a big place. We do things. Life. Y'know.


Q. I'm finished with the quiz, what now?

A. Don't worry your pretty lil head. Just sit tight and wait for your results. We'll be pming them to you.


Q. I got 0% on a quiz, did I fail?

A. Nope, don't worry about the percentages or anything of the sort.


Q. What is this "Central Kingdom" and what are the houses?

A. Hon hon Gaston, I bet you wanna know. All in good time, don't worry.


Q. I've requested to join a group for houses, why was it rejected?

A. Our sorting process contains many steps that must go in order. While we relish in your excitement to join the academy, if you've not been sent an official invite to the academy group your requests will be rejected.

Got a question you don't see answered up there? Post it in this topic!



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Hoot Hoot Academy Initiates!

I'm the Academy Owl. Please make sure that you take pictures of your results and PM them to me! You need to do this or your results will not be flown over to the head offices. It won't ruffle my feather if you don't get your results in! I'll still get my treats anyway. 


Make sure that you're sending the images of all five of your quiz results in the message! I don't do lost and found work. 

Use this form:


Academy Quiz Results:

Quiz 1:
[Insert image here]

Quiz 2:
[Insert image here]

Quiz 3:
[Insert image here]

Quiz 4:
[Insert image here]

Quiz 5:
[Insert image here]


See you at the Academy! 


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At this time we will also be opening up Retesting. This means is that, if you feel that you have been sorted into the incorrect house, you can challenge this. 

That being said, the Academy does not take retesting lightly. It is expected that you prove to us that indeed the initial testing did not place you correctly.  

How this is done:

1. The student must appeal to either @Pupper or @Taylor or @Cain with a letter explaining precisely why they feel that they were sorted in the wrong house. In this letter they must explain why they feel that the nature of the house is not befitting their person.

2. Their appeal will then be reviewed. In the case of an approval, the student will receive a message with further instructions that must be followed. 

3. After the retesting has concluded, the student will be placed in the house the retesting sorts them into.

Regarding Retesting:

  • You may only retest twice. 
  • You may only retest once every year.
  • Retesting is only available at the beginning of a semester.
  • In the case that you are found to have been cheating, you will be banished from the Academy.
  • Any points that you have earned in your previous house will stay there. They will not transfer to the house you are retested into. 
    • These points will stay in your personal gradebook until the end of the year. You need not worry about needing to earn them back. They will simply not effect your new house's total house points.



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 Welcome to the second semester at the Academy of the Central Kingdom! 


◇ There have been many changes in the Academy thus far and we are most pleased to open our doors to our current students, as well as new students once again. 


◇ We would first of like to congratulate the house @Impernus for placing first in the previous semester. It takes a great deal of teamwork, discipline, and dedication to maintain the lead. Take pride in your accomplishments! Remember that the end of the year is still an entire semester away! The victory could still slip away from right beneath your feet.


We ask that current students, as well as new students read the information presented in this invitation completely. Much as been updated and added. 


We look forward to starting the new semester with you soon! 
@Member @Newbie @yD6XjNh.png Elite Member

Best of luck,

Academy of the Central Kingdom


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There were some issues going on with the tests. This was brought to our attention recently. These issues have since then been resolved! You should be able to take the tests now. 


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To all current and future Central Kingdom Students, 


We understand how excited you all are to get sorted into your houses and get this semester started! We appreciate your patience and excitement and would like to thank everyone for hanging in there with us. 


We’d like to be completely transparent with you all in saying there are a lot of pieces to Houses that require all hands on deck; this also means keeping everything organized and simple is far more challenging than we anticipated in the beginning. We are currently having to rework some aspects in Art Haven Houses to ensure that all future semesters can move forward smoothly and without interruption. We hope that these changes will help us create an event that we can be proud of and all of our users can have fun participating with us!


We will be sure to keep you all up to date on the status of Art Haven Houses in the coming weeks and once again would like to thank you all for being so patient.

Art Haven Events Team


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