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💜Epiphany💜 | 2/2 Slots | Wait-list closed

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Hello! Welcome to my shop. I’ll be doing anime style custom dps here! If you have any questions, feel free to pm me!





Gasr rules apply.

Full payment is required after rough sketch.

Please don’t post forms when I’m closed or full.

Do not steal and edit my art.

I accept anything but no NSFW please!

I prefer creative freedom with poses!

All dp art comes with the full size.

I’m only accepting 2 slots at a time.



You can send payment here:












Headshot (dp and full size included)

Single: $25

Couple: $35


Bust Up (dp and full size included)

Single: $35

Couple: $45


Waist Up (dp and full size included)

Single: $55

Couple: $65


Half Body (dp and full size included)

Single: $65

Couple: $75


Knee Up (dp and full size included)

Single: $85

Couple: $95


Basic animations included in the base price (basic includes blinking, eye sparkles, sparkles)

10$ For Additional Character

5$ For advanced animations (ears moving, smiling)

15$ For Detailed BG



Free Simple BG --------- 15$ Detailed BG

Commission-for-emery-watermark-dp by SnowcandymagicCommission-for-Remibear-III-dp by Snowcandymagic       commission-for-HAUNTINGShair-watermark-dp by Snowcandymagiccommission-for-holly-WATERMARK-dp by Snowcandymagic





DP Example:

commission for happy VI watermarked by Snowcandymagiccommission for Remibear watermark by Snowcandymagiccommission for Anteedote IV dp-animated by Snowcandymagiccommission for Bunno by Snowcandymagic

commission-for-hoseok-III-dp by SnowcandymagicCommission-for-blurr-wtermark-dp by Snowcandymagiccommission-for-NAVIGAREwatermarked-dp by Snowcandymagiccommission-for-hoseok-IV-V2-Watermarked-dp by Snowcandymagiccommission-for-HAUNTINGShair-watermark-dp by SnowcandymagicCommission-for-Remibear-III-dp by Snowcandymagiccommission-for-Anteedote-VI-dp by SnowcandymagicCommission-for-caedis-watermark-dp by Snowcandymagic

Full Size:


Commission for Emipoo27 by Snowcandymagic






stars_by_king_lulu_deer-dcajw75.gif Slots stars_by_king_lulu_deer-dcajw75.gif





stars_by_king_lulu_deer-dcajw75.gif Waiting List stars_by_king_lulu_deer-dcajw75.gif






6. filou09




HOSEOK - On Hold





Headshot/Bust/Waist/Half Body/Knee?:

Single or couple:


Watermark (optional):

OC References:

Background (simple / detailed):

Expression (crying, smiling, angry..):


Additional info:



Ayumi | Capsule | Peculiardork | Purrincesskitten | Krahe | Crima | Taiyachan | Veity | Calastia | Adorelee

Credits | Molang, fancy bun, Catpuccino, Bunny divider, cherry blossoms,heart divider, banner

qnEXxaVMvlVsn9en7yyB8RyUffqn2Gv5M6s-Z0n-5NPKfbRIsjTSBPBl9JVjLcC1X-SAIE_fRDuNUNzwOeTQuPgViYX2WURkygyeHlv8tYa43BseTTmZigyzNVA8KlOABoKoO24Thank you for visiting! tSyf8y4R8poP_HehtXPLAaSZ-vvsNW9Fg1boCbBPj4KrDvKn14icdAbyebz-HR5bBajw6DUXiB78jp4JMD-HmlqOcT4HymI02LtkQlvjqlSxzuH90Q8mdjPblUYuozB1tMyB05Q



Edited by Snowcandymagic
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Headshot/Bust/Waist/Half Body/Knee?: Bust up!

Single or couple: Single

Text: Hauntings

Watermark (optional): Hauntings

OC References: Skin Tone horns Hair eyes

Background(optional): Forest type backround

Pose(optional): Pose

Additional info: Is there anyway to ask for one without hair as well? I'm kind of going under treatments

som when i go bald, i'd like to use it as much as i could mama ♥

(Hopefully I can explain it more) She's an elf kind of creature, her hail is a dirty blonde as her eyes are gold. She has a slight pink tone to her cheeks as her skin tone is very fair. She wears a robe like this but it's more on the green/yellow side, it's more of a cloak.  *Artistic freedom*

Price: u name it :D

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6 hours ago, Snowcandymagic said:

@HauntingsHere is the sketch, would you like any changes? :kcheeks:

And did you want animations for the dp?



Holy smokes! It's really gorgeous! I really like your takes on everything, thank you!!

And sure! If you'd like a blink!

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10 hours ago, Hauntings said:

Holy smokes! It's really gorgeous! I really like your takes on everything, thank you!!

And sure! If you'd like a blink!

Thank you♡

You can go ahead and send payment.

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12 hours ago, Snowcandymagic said:

Thank you♡

You can go ahead and send payment.

How much is it all together? I'm really weird on picking the prices so I ask the artists to do so. :(

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2 minutes ago, Snowcandymagic said:

Yes I can add you:blush:

I'll accept 3 for the waiting list!:cuteok:

I would like to be added! 

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