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Such Style! [OPEN]

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Can I do two orders?

Order #1

SUCH STYLE  Semi Exclusive  

- Username[ ] Fuffer

- Layout Code[] SAW10

- Price:[  ] 10$

 -Tabs Changes[] I would say no gallery or support tab, but I’m not sure what they are exactly so I’m unsure

- Email or filedrive Account[ ] [email protected]

- Payment sent[ ] PayPal Will send both payments in one go 

Order 2# 


SUCH STYLE  Semi Exclusive  

- Username[ ] Kubble

- Layout Code[] SAW11

- Price:[  ] 10$

 -Tabs Changes[]  Again unsure what the gallery/support tabs are, if you could explain them to me in a PM it would help to decide if I need them or not 

- Email or filedrive Account[ ] Would I need my bfs email? Or could it still be mine even if it’s a gift for him? If it can be my email then [email protected]

- Payment sent[ ] PayPal Will send both paying in one go!


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  Both order Confirmed, please make the payment and your layout will be ready soon :k3:

Edited by Nycky

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I would buy it :3 if it can change to purple or aqua colors.layout for Hallo:pthumbsup:ween  can I fill out form for fear75 later today?

Edited by Toxicpunkette

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(Sent this via IMVU too ~ but wanted to make sure I was covering all my bases)

SUCH STYLE  Semi Exclusive  

- Username[ Tyranicorn ]

- Layout Code[ SAW11 ]

- Price:[ $10 ]

 -Tabs Changes[ About, FAQ, Groups, Badges, Catalog, Support ]

- Email or filedrive Account[ email sent via IMVU message ]

- Payment sent[ via PayPal with note ]

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