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Thought id do a topic so we can all get to know eachother better I'll start!


My real name is Terry i'm 30 years old, was born in london moved to a small town called corby.

Cant really remember why i joined gasr back in 2013 i know i wasnt active what so ever lol 

you can blame @Fervent for me being active now as most of you may or may not know tho i am in a rship with Fervent met her 2 years ago on imvu matched and here we are today! 


Feel free to ask question and post stuff about yaself aswel so we all can get to know eachother better :) 

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 нєℓℓσ vєє & τєrry ทicє τσ мєєτ yσυ αℓℓ,
 мy ทαмє is נєทท αท∂ i αм  23 yєαrs σℓ∂
i נσiทє∂ gαsr siทcє 2009 σท τнє iмvυ ƒσrυм, υทτiℓ ωє gστ кicкє∂ συτ αท∂ нα∂ τσ мαкє συr σωท 
ωiτн кατєℓyท.i נυsτ вσυgнτ αrτ τнєท, ∂i∂ ทστ вєℓiєvє i cσυℓ∂ ∂rαω.
i αм iทτσ gστ (gαмєs σƒ τнrσทєs), вig ƒαท . I єทנσy sρєท∂iทg мy τiмє ωαℓкiทg σท τнє вєαcн вrєατнiทg iท τнє sмєℓℓ σƒ sαℓτ ωατєr, sмєℓℓs sσσσ gσσσ∂ τσ мє. єทgℓisн is мy sєcσท∂ ℓαทgυαgє, i αℓsσ sρєαк ƒrєทcн ƒℓυєทτℓy. i αм sυρєr ƒriєท∂ℓy , υทτiℓ yσυ αททσy мє. 

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I'm Kim / Kimberly / Kimmy. I'm mixed - asian and caucasian. 

I'm 24 and not single af sadly - I'm in relationship with @Nerk who is proudly advertising us off.  I really don't like telling people how we met because of how depressing the story is but yanno, he has to do everything to embarrass me and call me out on shit. 


There are a lot of others things you can judge me/us for LOL.


Besides that, I'm an event coordinator here on GASR! I really do love and enjoy planning/hosting events for the forum. I really hope I can continue doing my best and bringing more events out that everyone in the community can participate. I joined GASR back in 2013 because I wanted to buy pretty DPs for my IMVU profile and look cool.


I did not know @Nerk at the time, so I didn't force him to make an account in case you guys are wondering why my bf is here on GASR LOL.  After hearing me talk about the community and GASR in general, it had him interested and wants to be more active.


I don't know what else to say really :cry:

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Kimmy baby, I won't judge you at all baby ♥ 

Nice to meet you Jenn, hope to talk to you more soon ♥

Vee I love you bbu





Hello, my name is Jamie and I'm 21 years young. I was born on
July 18, 1996 to a family of 3 older sisters on my mom side and

two brothers and one sister on my dad side. I'm the baby of my

parent's kids and out of 3 generations of my dad side. I  love to

give out random hugs and kisses. I've been told I'm very nice and

i'm glad I come off like that because I'm a firm believer in treating

people how you want to be treated. I was using GASR back when

it was apart of imvu. Back then I wasn't as open as I am now so

I didn't get to know many people or make connections then but now

its slowly starting to change since I've met wonderful people on this

site ♥ I'm also a single pringle whose pansexual and will smother

you in so much love and affection you'd get a toothache ♥

Edited by Jamie
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This is cute. 


Hi guys, I'm Peyton but I hate my full name and prefer that people call me Pey, hence the username. 

I'm from the West Midlands in England, and have moved from my birthplace city but still live in the west mids!

I'm 22, turning 23 in roughly two weeks which actually terrifies me because I don't feel adult enough to be 23. 

I'm a manager at a British cinema full time outside of GASR but like to spend my spare time buying and selling art!



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Hello!  24a738a8a38d0ea27efa55052ea37a33.png


I'm Kelsey, but I tend to go by Kelso/Kels because weeee! I'm 22-years-old, from the south in the USA, and have the best dog in the world! I'm pretty outgoing, but can be introverted and lazy at times. I like to mostly draw, listen to music, play games, and meme around on Discord. Also, I work at a car dealership as an Administrative Assistant.


I'm mostly described as goofy and weird by others, which I'm cool with! When most meet me, I'm pretty sure they're like, "Wtf is this chick on?" when they first meet me, but most people tend to go with it and are really awesome. I'm pretty nice though, so feel free to give me a shout out if you see me. I'm down to play around and have serious conversations, even if you think I'm just a goof ball.

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Hey guys! 

I'm Mary, I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I'm currently 19 and attending college soon for either something in the medicine career or scientific. As of right now I'm just a cashier. I'm usually very introverted and keep to myself but I want to push myself to make friends and to also get more involved in GASR (hence why I'm posting this.) I just recently got really into using GASR and interacting with people. :coolkid:

I don't do any kind of art, so I just stalk shops and support other people. I'm pretty nice and 99% sure I'm funny. I also like making the text size smaller to appear cooler.  I'm usually on Discord or YouTube watching some makeup video or a vine compilation. Honestly when I'm not working I'm either taking a nap or on GASR in some capacity. Feel free to message me! 
Also into horoscope stuff and happy to see some fellow pisces @Luxor @paliate hey there 

Edited by Guest
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Hey all, I'm Jasmine. I've been in and out of this forum, but always come back bc of my desire for money and my passion for art lol

I'm 19 y/o although not sure if that's really relevant, I live in Canada and currently not sure if I'm ever going to college or not

I'm a self taught artist that's been doing this for many years, I quite forget how long really, been like 5 or 6 years I think?

I specialize in portraits and am extremely jealous of landscape painters! One day...

HMU if you ever wanna chat, I do come off as a little tense at first but I promise my internet self is a lot cooler than my real life self.

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Hai hai c:

My real name is Francess and in the internet is go by Furansessu, you can just call me Fura for short. I'm 24 years old, going to be 25 years old soon this coming 23rd November. I'm from Malaysia and that obviously means I'm asian (lol).


I'm a self-taught artist and was formerly doing traditional drawing since i was 8 years old, just recently pick up to do digital drawing when I got my tablet in 2015 (or was it 2014, i can't remember). I stopped drawing for a year plus in end of 2015 until middle of this year. I lost hope in drawing and didn't feel the pleasure of it anymore, plus i ran out of ideas of what to draw eventhough i'm constantly feeding myself with inspiration from instagram (it didn't help since every time i sit down with my tablet on, the ideas just flew away). So i came here to GASR in hope to improve my rusty skills and also hope to meet new friends c:

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hello, my name is melanie. but lots of people either call me melly or lemon! 

i'm twenty one years old and reside in FL, USA. 

i'm a self-taught artist with a love for buying beautiful art from people. (also, love when people want to buy my art ♥)

i like to listen to people and help them when they need it. i feel like it helps me a lot myself!

i love my dog, macy. and sometimes my cat. when she isn't knocking over the stuff off my desk.

i'm very family oriented and spend most of my time with them. my mom is my best friend.


i've been using gasr since early 2012, back on imvu. i love meeting people on here and making friends!

i don't believe in sleep and will probably be awake until i die of exhaustion. uwu so you'll probably see me on discord for awhile! 

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Hi All 

I'm Tesa, born in NZ and raised in Oz. I'm a rnb music lover (old skool through to alternative) Vegan, cupcake maker, self taught artist, extroverted and in ya face (But not really) woman. Nice to meet yall.


Also I love the color pink. and



did she say that :hee:


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Hello.~ I'm Chelsey. From Maine, USA and I am 25 years old and will be 26 in January. I am a mom to a little boy named Parker who is my world. I have a lab/St. Bernard mix puppy who is adorable named Brutus. I play a lot of World of Warcraft if I'm not on IMVU (Username is Slithering) I am usually on WoW killing alliance and messing things up. I am only starting to really draw, but I've been around since 2012. I'm wicked shy, but I am open to making some new friends, would love to get to know others on here. I love anime so if there is one you like and would like to tell me about please do! I'll check it out!

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Guest Sublime

Hello! My friends call me by either my first name,Marina, my middle name, Rishelle, or both combined. Feel free to do the same! :D 


I'm 22 and currently live in ME, USA. I love food, sleep, sketching outdoors, reading classic novels, rainy days, corgis and munchkin cats, and coffee ice cream.


 I'm a self taught artist and have been doing digital art for 9 years roughly, but only within the last year have I actually committed myself to steady drawing for improvement. In the nearish future I plan on starting up an "art talks" YouTube channel and also creating a comic!


You all seem wonderful and Id love to get to know you guys better! 

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Heyo it's me Flix. Been around on GASR since 2012. 

In all these years I've just been doing avatar edits for people to get some moneys and to improve on my drawing and edits.

Right now I'm 19 years old turning 20 in december yoohoo. I study physics in college and I fokin love me some maths. (the only subject I'm good at) 

Oh yeah I'm also from The Netherlands.. You know that country where people don't speak German but Dutch. 

Hm other than that I like to play some games may it be on the PS3 (what's a PS4) or PC but atm I only play League of Legends.  I used to play a lot of Guitar Hero and I miss that game feelsbadman. 

I also have a nice cat called Puck. :-D

Edited by Flix
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Resultado de imagem para doge wow


My name is Ângela, Most people call me Angie or Angel

I am from Portugal , I am 18 years old and I was born on the 12th November In 1998 

I've never been really good at drawing , probably because I never seriously tried image


I currently live with my grandparents and I am taken

{ Will be married soon.. He won't run away from me MWAHAHAHA }

Either way, I love art, and I love helping people out

If you're ever in need of ideas hit me up image





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am krist

I would say I'm pretty friendly? some people probably wouldn't agree tho



I'm really into memes

and food

also animals, dogs, cats, snakes, fish, etc.


and if it matters to u, I’ve been round since gasr’s early days in 2012 and used to be an auction moderator for a few years. 


Edited by Krist
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