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TV shows/Movies

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List the shows and movies you love watching!


Tv Shows


The Last Ship

Code Black 

Chicago Fire

The 100


Walking Dead




Dark Matter

The Expanse

Agents Of Shield

The Last Man on Earth


Lets not forget all the Marvels and DC shows





Anything that has a good comedy  in 


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There is literally too many to list! but I'll do my ABSOLUTE favorite lol


Shameless(US version)

The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead

Game of Thrones

The 100

American Horror Story

Once Upon A Time

ALL DC and Marvel Shows(expect Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D)


Vice Principles

Silicon Valley


Into The Badlands








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Honestly when the show first came out, I did try to watch the first few episodes. But, the show didn't catch on with me. I don't know why..:/ I really wanted to like it! because, I thought the whole "being an agent and having to deal with supers when your human" etc was really interesting. Then when they did the season with Ghostrider, I did kind of regret not watching the show. 'cus then I would have been able to see that haha.

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Yay! Going to include an anime list in here. Don't forget about us little guys. :coolkid:


TV Shows 

- Lost

- Once Upon a Time

- The Walking Dead

- The Office: USA 

- Parks and Recreation

- Barbie: Life In The Dreamhouse

- Avatar: The Last Airbender

- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

- Law and Order: SVU

- Family Guy

- Any Baking Show



- Trolls

- Harry Potter Series

- Storks

- Monty Python and The Holy Grail

- Tangled

- Sing

- Mulan

- Wall-E

- Spirited Away (Most Studio Ghibli movies)

- Legit most highly rated animation movies



- My Hero Academia 

- Ouran High School Host Club

- Angel Beats!

- Golden Time

- Inuyasha

- My Love Story!!


- Sword Art Online

- Any anime with the MC kissing :hee:

- A Silent Voice (Movie)

- Your Name (Movie)

- Wolf Children (Movie)



I'm legit a child, don't judge. :cry:



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TV Shows: 
The Office USA version (Jim is my dream guy tbh.)
Law and Order
Forensic Files
Cooking Shows
Game of Thrones
Black Mirror
If I feel like crying, Grey's Anatomy 
Sons of Anarchy 
Peaky Blinders

Penny Dreadful 

House Of Cards


Normally dramatic movies, or comedy. I stray away from romance and movies with dogs.


Vampire Knight

One-Punch Man

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

@Marona Barbie and MLP..? :sketch: urluckyily.

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I need to watch more of all of these, damnt!


tv shows


Game of Thrones

Rick and Morty

Grimm (need to finish cus i forgot oops)



Stranger Things

Supernatural (first 4 season = yas)

Dexter (one day i'll finish it!)

Fresh Prince

That 70s Show

Hannibal (will finish)

Idiot Abroad

Who's Line is it Anyway




Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter

How to Train Your Dragon/s

Marvel movies /shame


Pacific Rim

The Losers

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OMG yes! I cannot wait to see how the spin off show is going to be! Of course it's not going to be as good as SoA but it'll be nice to be back in that world!

I remember idiot aboard..I always thought it was pretty funny but interesting too! I have a slight obsession with watching those travel shows like Rick Steve's Europe etc on the pbs channels 


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@Hin OMG Ethan! uhh I was so bummed with how Penny Dreadful ended, I was so hoping for a different ending. But it was still pretty good! I have to admit I was a total sucker for Jacks..I know its cliche but I couldn't help it. But really each guy had an soft spot in my heart, I really do miss that show so much! and I really am not sure when the spinoff thing is supposed to be done etc. I think it's still in development or something.

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LOL no it's totally understandable about Jackson. Tbh during the later seasons I stopped liking him as much because I thought he was turning into Clay. :( And I agree with Penny Dreadful's ending. :cry: I need moreeee. 

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