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Inspired from Billie Eilish's "Everything I Wanted" because I've been a bit sad recently, hence I took a break from doing commissions for a bit. Played with some colouring and I love how she turned out. \o/

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9 minutes ago, iKAN said:


Thank you ;-;

It's been rough couple of weeks, I was a lil uninspired DX

It has been for a lot of folks, Just hold in there! I've been struggling with my writing myself, but you just have to remember your passions and why you love them so.

Just keep your head above the waters, your work is to beautiful not to keep at it.

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1 minute ago, iKAN said:


Sad Anthony Anderson GIF

Thank you so muchh quq

Yes I made sure to remember my passions!

I hope you're hanging on well too and thank you for the encouragement! ><"

Trying my best, Darling. I will say my OC has over 50 photos and yours is still one of my favorite.

There's no need to thank me, I know there are others who the feel the same way about your work. Including @Talon

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