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emergency chibi commissions!! [CLOSED]
© art by @Lanuryd

emergency chibi commissions!! [CLOSED]


[CLOSED] thank you everyone!! 

hello, i'm in need of money so i'll have no option but open these. i'm offering full-body chibis for $10! (+5 if its a couple chibi!) i'm opening 10 slots and full payment should be sent before i start! paypal only


the examples go for oldest to newest with the purple bg being the latest chibi i did! they usually take me to 2-3 days to make them, i would start drawing them on thursday since that's the day i finish all my exams. they are for personal use ONLY and won't be animated (sorry >_<) but they will be drawn with a lot of love and gratitude, thank you for reading! here's the form (please send your order in a pm!)


✧ references: 

✧ pose: 

✧ bg floating accesories:

✧ any extra info/indications?:


 feel free to ask any questions since i might be forgetting something! thank you again! :icry:


© art by @Lanuryd
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35 minutes ago, Han said:

Ahhh these are so cuteeee I want one!

:icry: thank you soo much!!! if you'd like one please pm me!!! 👉👈👉👈

11 minutes ago, Del said:

could i get two?!

yes, you can!! :klove: feel free to pm me!! <33 

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21 minutes ago, SakuraSlowly said:

I'll take a slot! 


11 minutes ago, Unarm said:

Could I get a couple slot please? :pangry:

hello!! please send me a pm with the form with what would you like me to draw for you!! thank you both so much for the interest :lazeblush:@SakuraSlowly @Unarm

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