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connor wip <:

connor wip <:


EYY ANYONE ELSE DEEPLY OBSSESSED WITH DBH?? I love it with every ounce of me! Hopefully I'll do a few dps of the characters! I havent been active for like... months-- Ive been so lazy, unmotivated & exhausted. But hopefully i'll kick myself out of this depression soon! I havent drawn in so long, this looks so wonky haha

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ITS BEST BOY CONNOR!!! I was obsessed with DBH when it first came out, I watched a bunch of playthroughs of it from some YouTubers along with game theories and such. The game is so story rich and all the characters are just perfect in their own ways. Now that I have a PC, I might just start playing it sooner or later :cutehehed:

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aaa yes, same here. I've just finished another one so I'm back with my love for it haha! I adore absolutely everything about the game, from the various plots and development. I just wanna manifest my exsistance into that game, gosh I adore everything about it.


and oooo hope you can play it soon!!! B]

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