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Florian: Garden of forever Spring

Florian: Garden of forever Spring


"I made this garden my kingdom and the flowers are my people. Are you lost, my dear?"



Florian, the keeper of the Garden of forever Spring. she tends the lost souls of people to become flowers and bloom eternally.



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@Kuma; Yooooo thank you so much <333333 I'm really proud of this too because flowers and foliage are my main weakness and I managed to pull it off somehow. sold the last of my remaining soul to get this done tbh haha gg

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I don't comment on gallery images a lot here but this one struck my eye on the homepage today and I wanted to say that I really like the way you use brushes.

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@Bedlam; THANK YOUU <33 I was surprised my hand cooperated well when I started painting the flowers sks :lazeblush:


@Fujoshi; I'm glad as well, I'm more motivated than ever thank you so much <3333


@Dayzie & @sike; ThANK YOUUU :hwdance2:


@Krovav; THANK YOU SO MUCH, and yeah I was trying my best not to overblend because that was a bad habit of mine, I learned a lot while doing this piece 


@Remba; yoooo thank youu! when I was at the background I was torn if I'm gonna do foliage or just leave it blank because I'm so lazy, I'm glad i did the former haha 



@ everyone ; 



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