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This was made for the Spring Auction by Gasr! I had lot's of fun working on him and thinking of a way to paint this theme. I love painting gods and godesses in general! You can get your hands on him in the current spring auction by Gasr! I appreciate your feedback if you feel like sharing your thoughts!

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Thank youu! I'm so happy I archieved that feel with the water haha. :kwave:


Water is never easy to paint to me, but I wanted it all tropical looking. So, glad you feel that way! Haha. :byaslove:

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At first thanks for all the feedback and likes guyss!! :cutehehehaaas:


@UNH1NGED Thank you! Well that's always something that can be added easily! But I'm personally not too hyped over always doing and seeing the same and classical designs. I like to try different things every once in a while :hee: Heh. 


@Cheese Aw thank you! I don't paint water quite often and still need to practice on it, but it was a blast regardless! I'm excited I've gotten so much positive feedback on it. You're too nice!


@Dox I'm taking that compliment and I'm gonna run into the sunshine with it. LOL :kwave:

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