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  2. It was never removed, it is just no longer embedded on the main page. We want the focus to be on art and art services when people first visit us, and a wall of text status' from people they don't know didn't make much sense. https://arthaven.co/radar/ It was also never used, so we decided to stop maintaining it as well. (Meaning we won't be updating it to add any new features.) It had a usage rate of .02% on average. We usually require 25-30%+ to consider it actively used.
  3. I used to find people to follow and new art and such all the time when there was a section on the homepage to see everyone's status'es as they came up. Also gave me a reason multiple times a day to just check the site and see what everyone was saying and up to. Was wondering if this feature was going to come back?
  4. Tables can be made using Google docs and copied+pasted here for future reference. We couldn't reinstall our table button until the editor was updated. The button has been restored.
  5. May we have the option to create and edit tables back? ;; Mainly for customizing and organizing for those who does not know html or coding
  6. Type of Issue: Technical Location: https://arthaven.co/help/ Browser: Chrome Device: Desktop Description: All the links in the help center brings you back to the help center I wanted to look at the community guidelines but it doesn't work
  7. A field has been added during the listing submission process that allows you to add a text form for buyers to fill out and send to you after purchase.
  8. Type of Issue: Technical Location: Browser: Chrome Device: Laptop Description: In my last and current post I noticed the preview for my marketplace listing is completely black. I think it should have the preview of the PYOC instead!
  9. Yes, without a doubt it would be a major project. I hope some day they will consider
  10. Ah I understand now. You can use CSS on tables, but as for general post building html/css, it's not available right now and we aren't sure if or when it would be in the future. We'd have to implement a ton of restrictions on it to prevent abuse and would be considered a major project.
  11. At the time of editing, it is not that there are only tables, but the option of being able to do it with css / html for those who know it, where there is a css/html option like in tables and you can dynamically edit codes without the need for tables or images
  12. Sorry, I’m still kinda lost. What theme?
  13. Genuine adoptables ^^ Characters new and old, somewhere we can trade them, sell or give away!
  14. When it comes to customizing the theme
  15. QUICK REMINDER: All sales are made through ART HAVEN. When a buyer purchases a listing, the sale is completed on our website using whatever payment the buyer chooses, not the seller. Do not ask for buyers to send you any payment offsite using apps like PayPal, CashApp, etc. All of your earnings will be sent to your AH Wallet where you can cash out via PayPal. (Other cash-out methods may become available in the future.) I know this is a huge change compared to the old way of having to do all payments off-site, but our goal is to be able to provide direct service with disputes and better payment security instead of relying on a third party.
  16. So just one main category to house all adopts? And do you mean genuine adoptables or premade/custom reselling.
  17. Here is a quick guide on how to use the marketplace for those that are confused:
  18. Hello Heaveners! As previously stated in an announcement by @Alismora, Marketplace Beta Testing is now open to everyone! If you are interested in joining the beta test, please join this group to gain access to the bug report and feedback sections! The marketplace is currently open to both custom orders and premades (one-time purchases)! When creating an offer, please make sure you are posting in the correct section! To view Alismora's announcement, please click the link below More information regarding our current phase can be found in the topic listed below: Please note that the beta test is not a finished product. We also ask that you report any bugs you encounter and provide us with any feedback, including additional suggestions! We appreciate your participation and hope you're as excited as we are! If you have any questions regarding the beta test itself, please feel free to post in our Help Center.
  19. It would be great to allow CSS / HTML encoding
  20. just thought this would be nice, a separate category for Adopts. Maybe its own category would help people specifically looking for new characters!
  21. Thanks for pointing that out. It's counting the auction listings that have already been archived for some reason.
  22. Type of Issue: Technical or maybe Grammar/Typo Location: The main Service Marketplace page Browser: Firefox Device: Windows laptop Description: It seems likes there should be 14 offers under auction, but when you click on it, there are no offers. Same thing for handcraft

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