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  • Slug

    Feeling so discouraged and uninspired ...



  • Baah

    Happy Friday lovies!! I wanted to remind yall that I have an Instagram! I actually just posted a poll on my story, so I would love some feedback. Hearing from yall will ultimately help me out. 




    Alssooooo...after talking to a few people I think I will end up doing batches or locked batches for my future premades. I have a few themes in mind--all WIPS and progress/updates will be posted in my Discord. 


    I hope everyone is having an amazing day, and has a great weekend!! 😘


  • Anneke

    I'll be opening 5 slots next week for custom drawings in the 80´s style from my premade shop :kcheeks:

    Just lemme do some homework to not be stressed lol

  • purrincesskitten


    :lazeoverkill: working on these two and 1 more nawt shown !! will b finishing during next wekk ~

  • creativerebel

    *Life Update*

    So I wanted to vocalize whats been going on and why I haven't been very active or drawing as much.

    This past year was trying on my family especially my mom she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor which ended up being so much worst than expected, she had 6 months of a trail medication which ended up having no effect at all then had to have several surgeries, which one of those was removing the rest of her thyroid that she had left. That ended up testing positive for thyroid cancer but since it was removed luckily we won't have to worry about that. For now we are still fighting with the  rare cancer/ cancerous  tumor they found under her jaw/side of her throat I was speaking about earlier and now will be beginning radiation this month. Things are looking up and hopefully this round of radiation will be the last of it, fingers crossed. She is by far the strongest woman I know. 


    I've been splitting my time between work, watching my younger siblings while my moms in treatment/surgeries/healing and also taking care of my gpa (whom I live with) hence why I've been so busy /inactive on the forums!


    I lost one my furbabies, Aayla, this sunday suddenly and its torn me to pieces. She was my baby and helped me through so much. It's been hard and will be a long road to healing but my family and my older pup Roxy have all been helping me through this. I'm trying really hard not to fall into a depression hole but it's a struggle for me right now since she was also my service dog. 


    I hope everyone is doing well. 

    I promise I am doing ok and will be doing better over time. I just wanted to tell what I have been going through since I've been in and out of the art community as of late.


    I'll still be lurking the forums though 

    maybe in time I may start ordering art again 

    thank you for your time and reading this♥

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