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  • Syncelia


    This year I really wanted to do different things with my art, which is why I'm introducing the occasional custom premade to my store! As some people might know my custom shop has been closed for a few months and might (??) stay closed but I do occasionally miss the challenge of drawing people's characters. If anyone is interested guidelines and more info on this piece can be found listed in the shop, thank-you! :applause:


    * Also thank-you for the nice compliments on my new store layout I am the worst at designing website-type things but yall are so nice about it xx

  • Slug

    Feeling so discouraged and uninspired ...



  • Baah

    Happy Friday lovies!! I wanted to remind yall that I have an Instagram! I actually just posted a poll on my story, so I would love some feedback. Hearing from yall will ultimately help me out. 




    Alssooooo...after talking to a few people I think I will end up doing batches or locked batches for my future premades. I have a few themes in mind--all WIPS and progress/updates will be posted in my Discord. 


    I hope everyone is having an amazing day, and has a great weekend!! 😘


  • Anneke

    I'll be opening 5 slots next week for custom drawings in the 80´s style from my premade shop :kcheeks:

    Just lemme do some homework to not be stressed lol

  • purrincesskitten


    :lazeoverkill: working on these two and 1 more nawt shown !! will b finishing during next wekk ~

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