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  • Demon

    If you haven't come to visit our Halloween Auction yet, I'd just like to ask why you're being mean to yourself. Come look at all the cute art, and maybe throw a bid here or there :



  • Ban

    Wow! All the Halloween Auction Art looks amazing! :bfnosebleed:

  • Baah

    Hey guys! :aww:

    I have a piece in the Halloween Auction as well!! 




  • purrincesskitten




    both of these Halloween DPs are up for sale in the auction :cutehehehaaas: Come check it out~

  • Amy

    HEY GUYS!! check out my pieces for the halloween auction!! :aww:


    you can bid on them here: 






    Hello, everybody

    I would like to inform you how I am doing with my business assumption and what my plans are.

    Finally, I have an appointment this Wednesday to find out all the details. I will also open a new bank account (as this is required) and a new paypal account. That's why I was less active on the forum. 

    I will have to pay monthly contributions from the start of my business - so all orders will be made ( finally ) faster and I will be able to accept more. There will also be auctions, discounts on orders, sales, etc. - for example big art auction with more animations such as waving hair, breathing, moving hands etc, discounts for people who have already bought a lot of arts from me and for example sales of the first five new orders (like 20%-30%). There'll be more premades - like batch of DPs that are in one theme etc.

    I'm very excited about this, I hope you all will enjoy it. 


  • Demon

    Today's the day! Who's ready to see all of our spooky submissions? 
    Art Haven's Halloween Group Auction will go live at 4:45PM UTC so make sure you're keeping an eye on that clock!
    (Don't forget that AH has a UTC clock right on the website!)
    We had a total of 31 (wow what a coincidence) participants and over 40 different pieces on display, so make sure you take a good look at the topic when it goes up in the Auction House because there is so much to choose from. 
    Be sure to read the rules, and fill out the form, but don't forget to have fun! 
    Here are some last minute sneak peeks while you wait:





    by: @Amy




    "Pumpkin Kitty"

    by: @Baah

    BluepigARTAuctDP by Jasamo


    "Green Spell"

    by: @BluepigART






    by: @Hollowram




    by: @NA0V






    by: @Tao





    "Blood Crimson"

    by: @noisyspaceship

  • Lunna

    My custom shop is finally open! :llampret:



  • Yung

    Hello guys!


    Just opened my premade and custom shop hehe feel free to visit and look around  :lazeshyplz:

    Thank you so much for all of your love and support! 


    anime girl smile GIF

  • raisu

    My custom shop is open! @Koya


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