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    Detail version 1




    Detail version 2





    Original collection:

    Spooky Lovers #1

    PYOC, you can choose to change the colors. The buyer can also and add or change any detail of the design. 


    You'll receive:

    -Full resolution, unwatermarked file (6k resolution)
    -GIFT DP crop
    -GIFT Animated DP crop
    -GIFT Animated signature crop


    Price(s)t are there in case more than one people are interested on a character, or just if you feel like they're worth higher price :)

    If a price is taken by someone, you can claim a higher price if there's any available, and the one who claimed the higher level price after 72 hs will own the character.

    Each price has a gift included, higher the price you'd like to pay, better the gift you'll receive ^^



    basic price UNAVAILABLE TAKEN BY @Emery

    $70 only DPs gifts


    price lvl 2 (available to claim)

    $95 GIFT previous price gifts + 1 color sketch of the character

    price lvl 3 (available to claim)

    $160 GIFT pevious price gifts + 1 full color anime icon of the character

    price lvl 4 (available to claim)

    $190 GIFT  previous price gifts + 1 full color anime icon of another character


    price lvl BOSS  (available to claim)

    $260 GIFT previous price gifts +  gets 1 full body sketch + custom color sketch premade character + 4 animations for the DP and signature crop gifts + 1 NSFW sketch







  • Capsule

    Posting this here too to help a bit, first halloween piece is up with the method i've mentioned before, for more info and to see the piece check it out here:


  • Sntm

    New premade pixels 💗





    1 ; 3 ; 6 & 8 are sold

  • Kurai



    ♫ it's the bright one! 

     its the right one! 

     its Nightlight! 



    Yes! My premade shop is finally open! ^_^ don't ask me why I went for a convenience/konbini store theme lol

    i just had this vision in my head when picturing the shop lol. I went pretty crazy with my shop's banner but I love it and I'm really proud of myself for it. <3  

    I hope you enjoy the cheesy slogans and ads lol

    Oh Hungry? Oh Nightlight!


  • Slug

    Poll for Halloween Premades!!


  • Momoi

    helloo, been awhile and just letting people know i'll be more active around wednesday! my grades will be calculated on monday so hopefully i won't have much to do afterwards~ also been having problems with myself so i might not be in the mood at times... planning to go to counselling once i get enough courage ;; thanks so much for the patience!

  • Kat

    light cherry blossoms c by DiegoVainilla

    Nurse Zombie

    light cherry blossoms d by DiegoVainillas.

     . . . . . .LurZfHP.gif . . . .
    • Includes text & textless.
    • Purchase here or pm

    light cherry blossom by DiegoVainilla light cherry blossom by DiegoVainilla light cherry blossom by DiegoVainilla light cherry blossom by DiegoVainilla light cherry blossom by DiegoVainilla light cherry blossom by DiegoVainilla light cherry blossom by DiegoVainilla

  • Robin

    Having trouble creating a new OC?

    Never had an OC before but would love one?

    Just love collecting them??


    WELL! I have JUST opened a shop that'd be perfect for you. I will help you design the perfect OC. You will have a personalized 1 on 1 session with me throughout the entirety of your order just to make sure that the OC is just what you're looking for!


    Come check it out! First order is HALF off!!



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